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I've played through the game twice now, hitting every little mask with a "traumatic message" I can see, and I guess I'm missing one or more.  


I realize that, as of this posting, only one person has the trophy, so for future obtainers: if any of you have any idea on what might be liable to be missed in the "traumatic message" department, please do tell.  I always hate when platinum journeys become a hunt for collectibles, especially when there's no chapter select.  In the meantime, I guess I'll do one more playthrough and search every nook and cranny for the missing messages.  


*EDIT:  Found it.  Turns out it was just a fairly obvious mask on a wall in chapter two (in the long corridor after those doors fly open and all that meat flies back and forth).  So I can confirm that there's no masks that are tough to find.  Just keep your eyes open and you'll get them all.  The other important thing to note is that the collectibles carry over.  My trophy popped when I found the missing mask in chapter 2.  


I should add, however, that something weird went on in the process.  I got the Master of Orion trophy prior to this, then started a new game on easy to hunt for the collectibles - yet I *started* with the hat as if I were doing a NG+ of some sort.  Of course, on a new game you shouldn't be starting with the hat, so I have no idea what went on there.        

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