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For anyone looking for help on the Master of Orion trophy, you can do two things to minimize the pain.  


First, you can backup/upload your file to the cloud if you have that option available.  Second, you can quit out as soon as you get killed, then continue.  The death won't register (you'll know because you'll still have the hat).


I'm normally somewhat ambivalent about doing stuff like that, but this trophy, in *this* game, is complete bullsh*t. The developer forcing us to use the fixed camera angles in the boss fights is 100% cheap and leads to nonsense deaths which would not occur if we simply had the normal camera available (as in the original game, which, for the record, is better).  


Here are some suggestions for dealing with some of the bosses on the *first try* (they are somewhat easier after you die once because you can start with better orientation, but, of course, you can't die if you're going for this trophy): 


1) The second boss is so fast - even on easy mode - and the camera so ridiculous that I almost concluded it was bugged.  It seemed pretty much impossible to do it on the first try (on subsequent attempts, after dying once, you can start the fight farther away from him and have time to fix the camera and deal with the terrible, *lethal* frame rate issues).  What you need to do is start the fight already holding right, so you're instantly sprinting from him. As the chase begins, you cannot just run away, though.  He's too fast, and the camera will trip you up at least a little, which means: dead meat.  Instead of just running, then, you have to jump, jump, jump, run a little, jump, etc.  It's the only way I've found to get the requisite distance from him.


The developer needs to pick one of the following: force us to use fixed angles but slow the boss down a bit to make it a fair fight, or allow us to use the normal camera but compensate by making the boss faster.  Either way, it needs a patch desperately.  I'm at a loss for why he chose to fix something that wasn't broken in the original game.  As it stands, it's sort of like that part in the first chapter of Outlast 2 where you had to run from the chapel and open a sliding door - when the game was first released it was practically impossible, because the enemies were too fast.      


2) The fourth boss isn't as fast as the second boss, but you still need to begin by instantly running away from him. He's not terribly difficult, all things considered, but I need to report that he's bugged.  He'll often get past the final bars you need to trap him within to kill him, and if you keep running from him back the way you came (in the direction where the fight began), he'll just freeze up right before the blades.  He did this to me more than once.  In despair, I went and triggered the kill shot anyway by grabbing the rope - it killed him, though it shouldn't have, since he was not trapped in the obstacle.  Again, needs to be patched.


3) The fifth boss begins in the cheapest possible way.  The woman is flying at you, ready to shoot her electric beam, and you cannot see her.  You also can barely get oriented with your foreordained camera angle before she kills you.  It's horse manure; infuriatingly cheap.  All you can do is begin (yet again) by holding right and run so you're instantly sprinting from her.  Get situated, keep running, and do what you need to do to finish the fight.        

Basically, in the boss fights you're not fighting the bosses.  You're fighting the camera, the frame rate, and the input lag.  This, among other reasons, is why the original is not just better, but much better.        

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