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Is it just me or is this the least "Hot Pursuit / Most Wanted-y" of the NFS' until now - as far as police are concerned?


Half the fun of running around with 6 cops on your tail is gone, they do way to much damage for even minor hits. I'm not talking about being t-boned by a reinforced cop if you slow down and make a mistake (even though 3/4 of your car damage is overkill) but even getting nudged in the back at barely 10 kph over your speed does incredible damage and puts you down to critical nigh immediately. (And they always catch up regardless of power and seem to be unaffected by inclines, off-road or hitting obstacles) 


Pushing cops into oncoming traffic or barriers does barely any damage to them and it damages you even if you initiate the sideswipe...


The jumps are one hit wonder but everything else is just wrong esp. with no environmental takedowns or hide spots, if you get caught up on high Heat in remote area you're done and it is really not fun. (Also the rubberbanding on those chargers up to my 900bhp race car going in opposite direction at 300 kph is applause worthy)


It's frustrating getting in a chase rather than fun or thrilling. I remember replaying tracks for hundreds of times on NFS Hot Pursuit 2 crashing cops, dodging strips and helicopters until they gave up - this is really disappointing.


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Its getting a bit easier now ive got a faster car (hated my starting car. Mustang i think it was). But they are so fast and are basacly industructable, unless you lead them into the water. 


But i still chicken out past heat 2 and escape to the garage to bank lol


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