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I know have all the trophies except the bounty once, and it seems to be impossible to get them all. I have played through 3 times and grinded some of the bountys. And am still not even close to get them all. 

Any tips? How many hours did you sink in to get all the bountys?  


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I played the game on Hard and afterwards on Crushing and I was only missing 3 bounties:


Bounty: Arcana -  took me around 50 minutes of farming the same location (see video). After I killed all enemies, I simply restarted checkpoint.


Bounty: Spanish Gold - this took me about 10 minutes, I used the location where you play with Sully's gun on a boat and you use grenade launcher to kill enemies standing on both sides of a river.


Bounty: Cádiz - again, around 10 minutes to finish. I used turret location in the video.


Most importantly, play the correct chapter for each of the bounties. Use the guide here or PST and also check some YouTube videos. The grind is really not that bad.


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