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Seeing this game not having many people playing it makes me kinda sad since the game is super fun. A great coop experience and something, which especially Hotline Miami fans would enjoy. So if you have a chance - get it.


Some people may not like the fact that there is no online coop. Well technically you are right but you can bypass it. As you can see in the leaderboards my buddy and I were the first to plat it and we did it together online. In order to play together online you should have a friend you can trust (like we do since we know each other outside of psn). You can put both accounts on one console, log in with both accounts and use shareplay for both players to earn the trophies. Shareplay of course isn't perfectly lag-free and you have to restart after an hour each time but it worked more than fine for us.


Additionally you should know: if you play coop via shareplay and one of the accounts has completed all the levels in coop already, the second player will get the trophy for all levels by finishing only one of them in coop. So theoretically someone could just have the trophy pop for you and you could do the rest solo if you wish to.


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Are you supposed to do this in Arcade or can you do this in multiple sessions? 


Edit: Never mind, I thought Arcade was Campaign without saving. It's just 7 or so small levels.

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