All facilities of Central Region connected with ziplines

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On 17/11/2019 at 1:03 PM, athanasios_osfp said:

I made a video where I travel to each facility with ziplines to just give a visual in case anyone is wondering. When you start building ziplines on this region it is best to firstly connect the facilities of the Northeastern- Southeastern because you will not have enough bandwidth (you gain more with every star you get for a facility) and always use the ziplines of the other players (most of them are useful) and then move to the west side of the map.  Note though that as everything in this game, the ziplines deteriorate (you can repair them or upgrade them) too, though it only happens when you play the game. Also I've never seen any zipline of another player (or another structure) disappear, so they stay on your game even if they dismantled it in theirs. I didn't have connected ziplines with Peter Englert since he doesn't give any deliveries and you max out him by doing 5 orders for Sam (if I remember correctly) which involve pizza deliveries. In any case I made a couple ziplines for his facility in the video so you can see. On the upcoming days I'll also put timestamps too because it is a long video since the area is quite big.







Thanks you! That's awesome of you to take the time to make a video. I know it will come in handy for me later when trying to map out the later stages of the game 


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