[solved] Dragon Vein Stones missable?

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Hi there,


could it be that these Dragon Vein Stones are missable?

According to Knoef's trophy guide (https://***/trophy-guides/ps4-guides/dusk-diver-trophy-guide/) it shouldn't as every part is available after the story completion and you even should get all the stones within the city.

But accordong to Selphie1999's guide (https://selphie1999.weebly.com/dusk-diver-trophies-achievements-guide-list.html), the stones within the city are chapter-based and they declared the trophy for getting all stones as missable.

I own currently 127/153 of them, and according to the Stage select I can only receive 24 more due to hard mode levels and boss's levels.


I've already reached the vendors familiarity to 5-star rating, I've done all Link-quests and the Taho master doesn't sell me anymore locations, so it's not possible to get 2 more out of this. Am I missing here something?


EDIT: I was about to frustratingly start a new savegame and I was llready at chapter 6 again as I fired up my 1st savegame again...and recognized that I forgot to collect the shard rewards from 2 food shops. :facepalm:

So, all shards in the city are obtainable in post-game!

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