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Yeah, the game is an old PS3 title but it was a PS+ 'freebie' and it's not like PSN Profiles wasn't well known in 2012. ;)


Anyway, this is probably my favourite metroidvania game and I didn't realise it until recently.  The visual style is disarmingly simple but very striking, and the difficulty curve increments with such consistency that it feels like a LOT of work went into fine-tuning it.  The bosses are the real challenge though and the last one took me longer than anything Demon's Souls or Bloodborne threw at me.  lol.


I'm surprised that people are still obtaining the 'Don't Go Alone' trophy in 2019 because it was difficult enough to find other players in 2012 (when I first played it).  It's the only one I don't have, and I'm not incredibly bothered about getting it... but I'll happily join a midnight (GMT) session if anyone is trying to get it.  Just send me a message on PSN to let me know.

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