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It has been a trying time as a trophy hunter. After having lost all passion and drive for my trophy hunting these days, I fall back upon games I can play that I know very well. Bloodborne my refuge, as well as CoD and Madden with friends. I continue in a lazy effort to get trophies in this game, yet Perfect Passer eludes me. Imagine my dismay when I have almost completed this challenge, and I receive an ugly red marker noting I have missed the zone. Even though I threw it to him in the zone, it says I didn't. Any extra tips to help me in my fight against this despicable trophy, and perfect my passes so that even the game can't cheat me. I have attempted this like 30 times...


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  • Firstly, completing the passes themselves is easy. The tricky part is that the pass only gets credited as successful when the receiver you are throwing to lands both feet within the landing zone after the catch. If the ball is caught, but in the wrong place, you fail the pass. You can’t fail a single throw, otherwise, you have to restart. To summarize, all that matters is where the receiver’s feet land AFTER the catch, not where they catch the ball.
  • Secondly, before each throw, their route will be shown. This is vital information. Be sure to look at this so you know the route they take before its run, as I’ll be giving advice based on turns in the route they run.
  • Thirdly, you want to throw the ball with bullet passes (hold the button, not just tap it) without exception.
  • Fourthly, the receiver inputs change play by play. You can’t see these on the pre-play route, but fortunately, the rotation is always the same. I’ve listed them for you so you don’t miss the receiver input on shorter routes.

Following is copied from my TrueAchievements guide


Part 1/4 (6/24 throws):

The first 4 throws are easy, just ensure you throw the ball a bit before the receiver enters the landing zone. Remember, always hold the receiver input for bullet passes.


The 5th and 6th throws are trickier. You’ll need to throw the ball almost immediately after they make their angled turn. With practise, you’ll get the timing.


Inputs in order: Circle, Circle, Triangle, Triangle, R1, R1


Part 2/4 (12/24 throws):

For the first 2 throws, throw just after the receiver has finished their turn (especially the 2nd, this one you really do need to throw as SOON as he’s turned).


The 3rd and 4th throws aren’t too tricky in of themselves, but the receiving window is stingy. My advice is to throw the ball immediately after they turn

With the 5th and 6th throws, you need to throw AS they are turning (their turn is less harsh). Don’t get caught out and throw too late.


Inputs in order: Circle, Circle, X, X, Triangle, Triangle


Part 3/4 (18/24 throws):

This set is slightly easier than Part 2.


The first 2 throws are easy. Just ensure that you throw the ball a little bit after they start making their straight run.


The 3rd and 4th throws aren’t too bad, either, but the toughest of the bunch. You’ll need to throw as they are turning, however, there is slightly more room for error than Part 2 as it’s on the sideline and the receiver will try to tip-toe in rather than run straight on


The 5th and 6th are the easiest, in my opinion. As they are making their small turn (not after they turn), throw the ball (remember, less sharp turns= shorter times turning).


Inputs in order: R1, R1, Circle, Circle, Circle Circle


Part 4/4 (24/24 throws):

These 1st and 2nd throws aren't bad. You need to throw a bullet pass JUST as the receiver is crossing the 50-yard line. However, don’t get caught out by these and throw too late, I did this twice. Quite easy to do.


For the 3rd and 4th throws, throw the ball just after the small turn. Ignore any tension; these are easy.


For the 5th and 6th throws, you need to throw the ball as they stagger on the spot. Don’t be fooled by the speed reduction, the landing zones are pretty much right after. Throw it as they stagger and you’re good.


Inputs in order: Circle, Circle, Triangle, Triangle, Circle, Circle.




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Did on my 1st try after I saw this video and using the buttons listed on the post above: 


Before that I misses on the first two passes on part 3.


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Just did this. Best advice I can give is throw a bit early. Much more leniency built in for early throws than late throws.


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Posted (edited)

Might be a bit of a silly suggestion, try a second/third controller if you don't rotate yours often.


I spent a LONG time using my "default" controller & just couldn't get both passes 13 & 14; always messed up one of the two. I pinched the wife's controller; got it first time.


Might have been a fluke but after hours of trying, I didn't try anything new; just the controller using the same method that was consistently getting me to 23/24 passes.

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