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Hi guys,


It seems like the issue that most people are having trouble knowing what their attributes need to be to get the trophy (they are not identical to the ones on the trophy guide).


The trophy actually doesn't depend on the individual attributes, it depends entirely on the overall.


The best way to track how far away you are from completing a position is to remove all skills from the skill tree. 


With no skills in the skill tree, check the overall for that position. Once the overall says "80", that position is done and you can move on to the next one.


This is universal no matter your players height or weight, and the trophy will pop as soon as all 3 positions hit "80 Overall"


Hope this helps


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I got "Only One" trophy recently and I made this video guide without using Skill Points til 80 Overall/Rating.

(English Roadmap in the PINNED COMMENT below)


Hope it helps! ^^



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I actually believe that the way you can track it down is by going into the skill tree and check if there is progress in any stat. U do however need to switch positions, as a midfielder the "maxed out vision" is way higher then on striker/defender. When there is no progress (green bar) in any stats left u are done with that position and u can co to the next. Some stats can be "grinded" on other positions. As an example on Striker the shooting stats take the longest to grind out, however the passing stats where not done (for me) when I finished the shooting stats. By switching to midfielder and maxing out the passing stats the striker passing stats where suddenly maxed out. I hope this makes sence.




In this picture u can see there is still progress in the progress bar. You need to check all the stats like Agility/balance etc. If there is no progress in the stat bar then you are done with that stat.


You can use the skill tree in anyway u like so u are not forced to play without any skills. Just keep checking if all the stats are done for each position.


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