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Resident Evil 3: Nemesis Remake 3 April 2020 in coming


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Is it just me or does her outfit look like a recolor of Re2 Remake Claire?  It also seems like they are going into a Revelations type of dodging which I think is better so long as you can’t spam it. Still April 20th. Still think it’s too early but nevertheless can’t wait. 

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I woke up this morning and when I took the first look to my cellphone and this was the first thing I saw. Best new of this year so far this 2019, now I have to save enough money for both RE3 and The Last of Us II.


The release date is much sooner than I actually expected it to be, but I guess they have been working on this title since Resident Evil 2 Remake was released or even paralel to that. There are indeed many theories and analysis of RE2 Remake claming that the game design itself was planned to solve many of the continuity problems that we could find in the original RE2 and RE3.


Now, Jill is looking much better than I though, not better than Julia Voth of course(who is gonna be the true Jill Valentine for ever, at least for me), but much better than the RE Revelations. From now on I will be counting every day until the release and hope to see an equally good game to RE2Remake, or something even better.

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Interesting news


Report: Resident Evil 3 remake developer M-Two founded by former Platinum Games CEO Tatsuya Minami




If you don't want to click the link


Tatsuya Minami, the former CEO of Platinum Games who resigned in 2016, is the founder of Resident Evil 3 remake developer M-Two, according to a VGC report.

M-Two has reportedly been in operation for over a year and is comprised of several former Platinum Games and Capcom employees. It is said to have received funding from Capcom when it was formed in 2017, though the company is technically independent and has its own projects.

Some sources told VGC that Minami had intended to approach Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami to co-found M-Two games, thus the name M-Two, but that Mikami decided to remain at the Bethesda Softworks-owned Tango Gameworks.

Both Capcom and Bethesda Softworks declined to comment when reached by VGC.

On an unrelated note, VGC mentions that some of its sources incicated that the shelved PlayStation 4 title Deep Down was in a “near-complete state.”



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On the first thought, I couldn't believe they risked that much to bring first person view, but damn, I did know what game will get in the end. It's may be sound not so excited from me, but hope some changes are still possible. Anyway this day one buy and first look love game, never had a doubt that Capcom will deliver.


One thing actually could be better - Jills classic costume from the start. Don't want to even think this one not in the game, and it better be available from the start.

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I am thrilled beyond belief. Was so looking forward to RE3 Remake and now it is official. Day 1 purchase for me and another Plat to add to my collection of RE titles! Can't wait!

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17 minutes ago, Lukejordan16 said:

I was thinking the same thing. A separate list entirely would be best, but if not then at least make them DLC and not required for platinum.

I think they should have separate trophy lists, Resistance is like the buy-one-get-one-free thing you will get from RE3.



After I checked Capcom's official page (https://www.residentevil.com/resistance/us/), I feel like these two games are in the same bundle since they have the same release date and Resistance seems not being sold separately, not sure about the trophy lists in details, but I hope there's no mp trophies in RE3

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Can't wait to get me the collectors edition for PS4 that figure looks good. Get the normal game then also on PC. Just because of personal stuff and custome modding I do e.g. RE2 Remake.

In overall trailer looked good.

I'm not a huge fan of the new Jill Valentine look, but as long as they don't mess up the game or change to much things, I'll be fine with it. Can't wait for April, 2020. ??


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4 hours ago, Oblivion said:



Duuuuuude, this screenshot is insane. If anything this alone sold me on the game. Also, is that Jeff Schine as Carlos? Then holy shit, i just love that man's voice.


Happy that he's finally moving to a big project, he clearly has a lot of talent.

STAAARRRSSS....! Can't wait to defeat the Nemesis!!!

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7 minutes ago, MrTrofyHuntr said:

Anyone know if there will be a steelbook version of the game. I'm not seeing any online and the collector's edition doesn't have one from the looks of it. They did have a steelbook for RE2, just wondering?

Hey I was wondering the same thing. I would say keep checking on Best Buy and they might eventually release a steelbook without a game for $10. They did that for RE2 but it sold out really really quickly! Hopefully they’d release the deluxe edition with the steelbook version. 

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