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Shu's a fun little platformer with mechanics that change from world to world. Its trophy list is mostly easy, but the no-death runs can get quite difficult on some levels.


Mini guide:

1-At the beginning of each level, run left until you reach a dead-end. It's the requirement for Bryn's Corner, which will pop at the last level of the core game.

2-Play all levels while trying to get the 6 babbies, mural piece(s), and enough butterflies to get gold status (you don't need them all). The babbies are easy enough to find, but the murals are better hidden. A sound plays when you're nearby to help you find them. Also be on the lookout for tiny bits of wind: you'll often need to jump and glide through secret passages. I only had problems finding the mural in 6-5. (If you have the same issue, it's roughly mid-level: you can jump back left after hitting a checkpoint and boost through a wall. Don't break the boxes there, climb on them to reach the mural.)

3-Replay each level trying to "set" a time (you don't need to beat Goo Shu's time, just complete the level after touching the hourglass) and not die. The last level and most of those in World 6 are where you'll face a challenge as they're pretty long and as you're often chased by the storm, a single misstep can be fatal.

4-Completing all requirements for steps 2 and 3 together will grant you a medal for each level, in turn needed for a trophy.

5-The level-specific trophies are often linked with no-death runs, so you'll get those as well. Otherwise, look at the descriptions, they're all obvious (and easy).

7-You'll most likely get Whirlwind (beating the Goo Shu speed for one level) as you're going for no death runs. Otherwise, find a level you're comfortable and... get gud! You'll need to beat Goo's time on the last level of World 5 for a level-specific trophy, but I've read it only unlocks that one and not Whirlwind. I can't confirm as I already had it by the time I got there.


That's it! Hope you had fun and that this helped a bit.


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