(solved) [Doodles] Is there a sketch(es) I missed?

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I'm trying 'Doodles' trophy, but I think I missed something.


These are sketches I found :(11 sketches -> 12 sketches : complete)


Book Room : (3)

- Brother and sister

- Piano

- Girl in the tree


Loft room: (2)

- Angel?

- Paper plane


Underpass : (1)

- Man playing piano


Second floor: (1)

- Bell? (near vase)


Trophy room: (2)

- shadow dog and rabbit?

- fireflies


Stack room: (1)

- Dancing girl


Balcony: (1)

- owl


Rooftop: (1)

- labyrinth  (what i missed)

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problem solved

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1 hour ago, Kooky_Spooky_ said:

Rooftop in the left of the wall, your find a Labyrinth Sketch


That was the last one. Thanks a lot!


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