Last trophy 'far away' walk 1000m not unlocking?..

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Is this trophy maybe glitched?


I have walked to every corner of the game... but this is the only trophy I cant get? I have played the game for about 6 hours so have definatley walked that far... (if 1000m is I think 1.8miles and the average person/vr walk speed is 3mph then it should theoretically unlock in under 40 minutes..?)


If anyone has any trick or advice on this then please do share! 


It is a shame because It is quite a good game and I was enjoying it until I couldnt see why this trophy wont unlock! (I see one person has got this trophy before completing the game which baffles me even more..)


 Any help appreciated :)

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9 hours ago, RSMZodiark said:

Had the same issue after clearing the rest of them today. Then saw this tweet!


No date yet from what I can tell, just have to wait it out I guess.

The requirements for the trophies have been mixed up as mentioned during their reply to the tweet below.

The trophy has been achieved by @caro3c-gabber9 by opening and closing the phone numerous times whilst on the knees. 

Hopefully this helps you?




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Posted (edited)

Oh damn, nice catch Dino_Roar, I'm going to give it a try shortly, and will edit the post accordingly.


Would make sense, given that I got the trophy for checking me phone when it wasn't even out...


EDIT : can confirm this works, had to do 100 "fresh" phone checks, but just loaded into chapter 1 and did it immediately. Super weird mix-up, thanks again Dino_Roar!

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Im back!  To yes also confirm! I loaded back up chapter 2, I just stood still (didnt have to crouch), and just spammed my phone open and shut for about 2 mins and the trophy unlocked! Yay plat! 😀 


thanks for the solution, im glad it was just a trophy description error and not a glitch! 🙂


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