Guide of The Year Awards 2019 - Nominations Thread

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- NOMINATIONS THREAD -   Here it is, the nomination thread! In case you have no idea what the Guide of the Year Awards are all about, take a look at this thread. Starting today all members of PSNProfiles can nominate any PSNProfiles guides that have been published between December 2, 2018 and December 1, 2019. During that time 406 guides have been published! Please give a round of applause for our wonderful authors! A full list of eligible guides can be found at the end of this post.   A Quick Breakdown on What to Do Give your pick for the Guide of the Year and a good reason why you like it. Try to nominate at least 3 categories (Though you can nominate 7 categories!) and briefly say why you like those. Use the "List of Eligible Guides" at the bottom of this post for some help with remembering/finding this year's guides!   The Categories With the 7 categories, it means you are able to vote for more than one guide you loved. Apart from the main Guide of the Year, which is of course still the main category, you will allowed to give other guides the recognition they certainly deserve.   Guide of the Year (nominate 1 guide you thought was the best):  All 406 guides published over the past year are eligible for your pick of Guide of the Year.   The returning categories are (nominate at least 3 categories): Exceptional Walkthrough Guide: A well made, extremely helpful walkthrough of a game or overall trophy list. Exceptional Gameplay Guide: Anything that isn't a walkthrough such as a collectible guide or a supplementary guide Exceptional DLC Guide: Guides for pieces of DLC or patches that add trophies. Exceptional Niche Game Guide: These include guides for indie games and non-AAA games that don't have that many players. Exceptional Use of Formatting: Some writers make their guide so clean and organized it's like an artwork by making great use of headings, colors, images, etc. Exceptional Use of Original Content: Some writers go the extra mile and make their own videos, images, and combination of these within their guide. Exceptional Imported Game Guide: New for this year! The guide creator has gone above and beyond in translating trophy titles, descriptions, and usually additional translation work within the trophy descriptions themselves. These are no easy task!   Information on Nominating When nominating guides, you are required to give solid reasons for your choice. Nominations without solid reasons won't count. Each member can only nominate 1 guide per category and once your nomination has been added to this post, you can't change it anymore. Nominations will be added to this post at the end of the day.   When considering which guide to nominate, try to make a decision based on the quality. Examples of that are: How helpful was the guide? Was it written in a way that was easy to understand? Was the amount of information enough to obtain all the trophies or did you need to search for information yourself on another site? Has the guide been updated with relevant information about patches (or DLCs) in case these were released?   Below are some examples of things you should absolutely not take into consideration when nominating: How much you like / dislike the author(s). How popular the game is. How much you liked the game / were hyped for the game. The amount of views / ratings a guide has.
Here Are the Rules Starting on December 2nd, the community will be able to nominate guides for the overall top 3 and a guide in each category that are worthy to be considered for the Guide of the Year Awards. When nominating, a minimum of 4 are required: at least 3 categories and a nomination for the overall top 3. You cannot nominate your own guides! You also cannot use an alternate account of yours to nominate your own guide(s) as well. We've had instances in the past of those using alt accounts to try to manipulate voting, and to that we say: This isn't our first rodeo sheriff, the only sly person around these parts is Sly Ripper  You will be required to give solid reasons for your choices. Every guide published on PSNProfiles between December 2 2018 and December 1, 2019 will be eligible, a list will be provided in the nomination thread. Keep in mind that the guide team needs time to review a guide and it may need revisions, so please don't wait until the last day to submit a guide for review. The nomination thread will be closed after two weeks. The top ten guides with the most nominations will go on to the next round. During the next round the PSNProfiles staff (Sly, mods, and the guide team) will pick the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. The total number of nominations for guides in the top ten is irrelevant for our decision. The guides which get the most nominations is not necessarily going to win, the staff will review all ten guides and the only thing that counts is quality! Since we don't want to rush this, expect this to take another 2 - 4 weeks. Due to the added categories, we may even need longer, as this is the first time we're adding new categories. Since the staff will be deciding the winners, their guides will not be eligible! Co-op guides with staff members will be eligible, in case a co-op guide ends up in the top 3, the non-staff writer will get the whole prize. In case a guide has more than 1 writer, the prize will be split between all guide contributors, so long as they contributed a meaningful amount to the guide. We track all edits so this will be checked.   List of Eligible Guides We've also been keeping track of this year's list of eligible guides. The lists below are sorted alphabetically and linked to every guide for your convenience. This will hopefully help you narrow things down efficiently and maybe resurface some great guides you've forgotten that you used.   Trophy Guides   Gameplay Guides   Walkthrough Guides   DLC Guides   Guides With Original Content   Guides With Great Formatting   Niche/Indie Game Guides   Imported Game Guides    
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