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I created a thread earlier, and some moderator used his power to close it for no apparent reason.


I would like to know what is the problem of asking for help in a forum, in the proper category, about a very old 2006 game where there is no trophy support, and you rarely find players? I just want to create a 7/8 player session, win a race and that's it, that's just a help. Instead, I have to see ironies, unlike help, if it won't help don't disturb.


There is the same topic on this subject, created in 2017, where it was closed for no apparent reason.




I need help with NFS Carbon Online Reward Cards.

The goal here is to have 7/8 players to complete and win a ranked online race, which is simple and fast. The other point is to beat an EA Moderator, but I find it practically impossible, and worst of all, it unlocks a car too.


I want to unlock the Pontiac GTO, so completing and winning a ranked race against 7/8 players is the best and easiest thing to do. If people who have NFS Carbon can help me, join the topic, let's create a group and set up the session.


Day and time do not matter.


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PM me if you have questions. Boosting threads are not allowed. Please read the contents of the link I posted in your previous thread. 


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