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Life Is Strange 2: Episode 5 - All Souvenir Collectibles Locations (Collectible Guide)



There are 6 Souvenirs to collect and one Drawing to complete in Episode 5.




0:01 | Drawing 


1:44 | Collectible 1 - After you clean up your camp site.


2:48 | Collectible 2 - When you return from your camping trip.


3:22 | Collectible 3 - Look around until Daniel tell you to play a Treasure Hunting game. He will ask you to play, say "Okay". If you miss this you will need to try again after. 


7:24 | Collectible 4 - After helping Karen unload the food from the car. Go to the side of David Caravan.


8:06 | Collectible 5 - At the Border wall next to a rock.


8:54 | Collectible 6 - After Daniel breaks you out. Daniel will break down a down to get you stuff. Lokk down to grab the collectible.




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