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4 hours ago, XileLerinril said:

Prior to 3.9 the performance was annoying but not back breaking, other then the rubber banding with movement skills. After 3.9 the game is a mess, and crashes all the time. It seems that PC is having the same issues as well, so I expect to have this addressed at some point. It is definitely worth waiting for now. I played D2 back in the day, did ubers ect, I have a couple of years in path on pc, and more than a thousand hours on D3, so I am fairly experienced with these style of games, lag and all. This is the first time I have actively disliked playing a game like this and plan to drop it as soon as I plat it. Which is a shame, because its a good game being buried under performance issues. 

Considering you like these type of games but want to get PoE done asap it might be better to wait it out and keep myself up to date whenever they address the issues. 


Thanks for your honest opinion. 

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