Can't craft Floating Carriers anymore due to number limit? SERIOUSLY???

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I remember that yesterday I've put inside a Structure's private locker (and I obviously don't remember which one) two Floating Carrier that I've crafted, and I'm sure in the previous days I've added more Floating Carriers (previously owned by other players in Shared Lockers and even those crafted by myself) inside private lockers of multiple Structures around the whole map, even in Eastern Region. 


Now I'm in Mountain Knot City, I have to do a heavy time limited delivery to the Mountaineer and guess what:




Is there a limit of existing Floating Carriers you can have? Because I have MULTIPLE TONS of Non-Lethal Assault Rifles, every types of Boots, smoke and stun grenades, anti-BT Handgun, every type of every level of Skeletons, thousands of tons of Bola Guns in all Structures, and... Right after the two floating carriers I've stocked inside a locker, it doesn't allow me to craft more??


What am I supposed to do? Yeah, I know, checking every locker structure's to find them, but it's a bug right?


Can some of you please try to craft multiple Floating Carriers and place 6 in a locker and 3 more in another Structure's Locker to see what happens?


And yes, I've tried to craft them everywhere, even in other player's online crafting stations by adding my materials... Same issue

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I was curious to find out and crafted 15 of them with no issues.


I wonder how much you got saved up in the private lockers. I generally donate them to public once I am done with the exception of blood bags and hematic grenades.


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