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ActionPlayerHD's Dispute

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17 hours ago, Sarsky said:

hate to be the one to say this but people don't care whether you were innocent or not. this site has its own rules and principles and ideas of how things work, if you are accused of cheating that's it your'e a cheater no matter what the reason or excuse, very rarely someones dispute is removed unless your'e connected to people who moderate this site or have followers/friends to vouch for you. it sucks and there are hacked lobbies in games from red dead redemption to cod and etc... but in the end of day whether its acknowledged or not it was autopopped and the people who care about leader boards and validation for there efforts end up losing there place for someone who didn't get it legit. 


i was the same as you pissed of for being punished for someone elses action but you got to just move on buddy.

But he isn't innocent? He was either in a hacked lobby OR (and this is a big or) he used a savefile from the internet to pop trophies in that unexplainable time period. 

Due to the site's rules for what you can remain on the LB for, this is clearly stated as something you can be removed for. Plus they have the two game "grace" to allow you to not be punished for something you might've done in the past or you may have accidentally synced BO2 (for example) without knowing the rules. That's what you have the two game grace for. 3 is getting to the point of being deliberate, don't you think?


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