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Server Shutdown March 10, 2020


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32 minutes ago, jdh0921 said:

I liked this game. Was a fun little game, could also 100% in under an hour. Looks like it's already delisted in the store. I can reinstall and help anyone who needs the online trophies, just shoot me a message.



Yeah, it was delisted in Jan 2016. Kinda surprised the servers hung on this long TBH. I'd like help :) 

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Sounds like this game has similar issues to Fight Night Round 4. The only possible work around is downloading a game like SSX, and accepting the Terms & Conditions in that game. Once you do that, quit SSX and start NHL Arcade and it might let you in. (It worked for Fight Night, never tried it here.) I'm still able to get into it, but that's because I accepted Terms and Conditions many years ago.


Cheapest way is probably getting a month of EA Access and get SSX from there. But I can't guarantee it'll work.

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56 minutes ago, MPRHWBMHSEL said:

I deleted the game ages ago since I thought the Online was already shutdown when I still needed the trophy with the 3 Players on my side thinking I could never get it.

Looking at your profile, I think you can still get it done since you have previously played an online game. I have 3 controllers and can help out if you are still interested in knocking this out.

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