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Game Guide - Heritage trophy

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Hi everyone,

I decided to make a trophy guide for this game, and I let is get reviewed and it is almost good to go.
Already figured out what has to be done for every throphy, and I added some tips and tricks to get started with.
However, there is one thing I don't know 100% and I can't find it out yet. That is the era's.

This is what I got figured out, partly from reading forums and looking intro some literature about when a species lived.
Maybe we can make this era list accurate together?


Era Million's of years ago
??? 9.1 million year ago.
Orrorin tugenensis 7.1 million year ago.
Ardipithecus ramidus 5.3 million year ago.
Australopithecus afarensis 3.8 million year ago.
Australopithecus africanus 2.4 million year ago.
Homo ergaster 2.0 million year ago.
15 december 2019: Updated the table.  
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1 hour ago, Maahniac said:

Is the game fun?

I think the game is fun.
You do a lot of exploring, and crafting tools. I like these kind of games. I am now trying to increase the skill level and body of the apes. I am trying to tackle that sabretooth tiger. With my clan i can chase him off, but alone not always. I am also planning to move to the savanna soon.

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16 hours ago, GamingWithAbyss1 said:

For some reason Ardipithecus Ramidus did not unlock till 5,383,015

I really don't understand why. I know I was a million years ahead of science and once I started exploring farther out almost towards the Savanna then my next Evolution leap I got it.

I was looking at a stream of this game yesterday evening. Seems like the Ardipithecus Ramidus era starts 5.3 indeed. I am now at 5.5. Maybe I should do an evolution jump sooner, so that my primates get stronger again.

Edit: Updated the table, as Lucy is at 3.8.
Those last 2 seems very close together now.... we will see soon i guess.

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Hi everyone, 


Had a quick look at the guide and then this timeline thing. Does this mean you can run out of time by not evolving enough or does it keep going until you get it right? The guide says something about dying and losing 50K years, what does that mean and does it in someway lock you out of any trophies?

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