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I've been trying to mirror suggestions from PC forums on this trophy, but I cant seem to get the 5 civic boosts in one turn. The method I was trying was an early game method:


Stonehenge in capital 

Holy site in 2nd city

They should be timed to finish simultaneously, then you use the prophet to found a religion, and have a builder make a farm.


I've been doing exactly that, and whenever I have the prophet spawn it doesn't let me pick a religion because I havent founded a pantheon yet.


Any tips/suggestions on this or on different methods? This is the last tricky trophy I have, then just some simple but possibly timely cleanup ones for the plat and I'm just stumped.


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On 12/15/2019 at 5:18 AM, g-bake_1986 said:

Easiest way to do this is to build Stonehenge, an Encampment and 6 farms.


Start as Egypt in a game with any ONE opponent (not one with wonder bonuses), abundant resources and no barbarians.

Try and settle your first city on a river and in an area with stone and plenty of grassland for farming.


Research Astrology, Mining and Bronze Working. Research any Civics, but DO NOT complete Craftmanship, State Workforce or Drama and Poetry.

Build a builder first and then a settler. With the builder, build two farms and then place them on a tile you wish to build another farm and wait. Settle your second city on a river near more flat grassland. Only build builders until Stonehenge and the Encampment become available. Build Stonehenge in your first city adjacent to a river, and the Encampment in your second city and stop when 1 turn away from finishing each. When that happens make sure you build any more builders you need and place them on tiles ready to build 4 more farms (you should already have one left from the first builder).


When you have enough builders ready and in position, switch back to complete the Stonehenge and the Encampment. If you have some gold you could purchase a builder or flat tiles to help get in position.


Next turn you will get the boosts for Drama and Poetry, State Workforce and Military Training. Build your 3rd farm for Craftmanship, then quickly build 3 more farms for Feudalism.


I did this on my first attempt on turn 60.

Tried this method and it worked!


finished up my last 2 trophies and got the plat last night! Appreciate the tips + hope it helps someone else too


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Thanks for the tip, worked like a charm!


One thing I did WRONG the first time was I built a mine that I shouldn't have. As a tip to anyone who is doing this, don't build ANYTHING but what he/she has outlined in the guide.


THanks again!!!!!


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I don't want to water down the efficient method given above, but I multi-tasked this run with other trophies on mostly standard settings and by taking additional turns my original plan for the 5 civic boosts was affected (other civilizations received Stonehenge/Hanging Gardens wonders and the first 2 Great Prophets pretty fast).


The 5 I wound up boosting in a turn were:

  • Feudalism (build 6 farms)
  • Military Training (build encampment)
  • Recorded History (build 2nd campus)
  • Games and Recreation (research Construction technology)
  • Mercenaries (have 8 land combat units) - scouts are naturally the cheapest/fastest to add


And other controllable civic boosts in the early game are:

  • Craftsmanship (improve 3 tiles) - this is one of the first civics you can research so a low turn method like @g-bake_1986's is best to use this boost
  • State Workforce (build any specialty district) - this is another particularly early civic to research in the tree and works best in less turns
  • Drama and Poetry (build a wonder)
  • Guilds (build 2 markets)
  • Theology (found a religion) - keep in mind you must have founded a pantheon (happens at 16+ faith) to activate a Great Prophet and found a religion. If you try to combine this boost with the State Workforce boost for the holy site make sure you will have enough faith in that turn. This sounds like your original issue @MyNameIs_Rainman


You can minimize Culture gain to reduce the amount of civics you research while setting up the boosts by your leader choice, by not building monuments, and by removing citizens from Culture generating tiles.  Of course, most trouble from other civilizations, barbarians, or having to research too many civics while setting up your boosts could be managed away in the advanced setup or by playing on Settler too.


Just some more tips and alternatives if anybody needs some flexibility.


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