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Hi everyone!


This morning, I was posting links to my reviews under the relevant games in the forum, in my stupidity, I didn't realise these were going into many other feeds and I was essentially spamming the forum and many of its users. For this I am terribly apologetic, I had no intention of spamming everyone, I just hoped that my guides and reviews would be found in each game's forum sidebar on the main PSNProfiles site for easy access to people who might be helped by them. The posts have been since removed, and rightly so. I shan't do that again, just the occasional post as and when a new review goes up on my site.


I did receive a good deal of positive feedback, however, before the posts were removed, and was hoping to share my site here for those who are interested. I've been told that people appreciate the personal aspect of my reviews and that they can often be the deciding factor when people are on the fence about platting a new game. I recommend checking out my Death Stranding review/guide which has been the most successful post on my website, fourfold.


I run the site with my best friend and trophy-hunting buddy who also posts the occasional review, often more humour-fueled than my own, which opens the site up to more people I am sure. 


I'd really appreciate it if you could check it out and even let me know your thoughts on the somewhat unique review format: https://platget.com/


Again, apologies for my spamming everyone this morning.

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