Usurper, Just a Flicker.

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So can you get both Just a Flicker & Usurper at the same time? The guide simply states that you have to kill him with Zangetsuto and do another requirement before hand and not killing him the proper way whatever that might mean. Also other guides state that Just a Flicker isn't missable at all but a story related trophy.


The other guide also tell a way different story on how to get Just a Flicker. Would be nice to know what you actually have to do before i get there. Know which guide to follow and which one i can scrap.

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To get both "bad endings" trophies, just kill Gebel (1) before getting Zangetsuto and (2) after getting Zangetsuto (don't slash the moon). You don't even literally have to use Zangetsuto to kill any boss at all other than cut the moon twice on the true ending path.

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