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Brutal vs veteran


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Uncharted 1,2,3 (1 in my opinion the hardest one) brutal is 100% bs. Why, because you can only beat this mode by shooting throug wall... yes for some reason this works. Enemies can one-shot you, stupid checkpoints where you die 1-2s after reloading last save, no ammo unless you swap weapons like crazy and the most "brutal" thing, you need to be really good at aiming, because headshots are the only way to progress. I would easly say it is more difficult than Call of Duty. Dont get my wrong the game is really hard on brutal but it wasnt designed for this level. If they only made enemies more likely to miss this would be pretty tough but fair. Like I said before without wall shooting method this is almost or maybe even impossible beacause the cover system doesn't work. If there more than 2 enemies you can't use cover system, because they will instantly kill you if you try to aim your weapon and using blind fire is pointless thanks to limited ammo. 



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In COD Classic you have one life only, 100HP, it doesn't regenerate, and you have to pass the whole level with that life. Also the game doesn't give you checkpoints if it drops below 50% something (that's like 1-2 bullets). In Uncharted you get checkpoints no matter what, have regenerating health and also have many glitches helping you skip whole chapters. Still think you can do it? ?

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