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just completed the story and i'm one request short of completing this. i understand Uncle makes a request but i have yet to have received his request. been saving and sleeping for several days to do the squirrel trophy and every time i approach him he doesnt say anything to me.

when does he make the request, because it'd be damn annoying to have to start a fresh game just for requests if i'm just one short and need Uncle to make the request!!


i also FKN hope this isnt required for 100% game completion trophy as all i got left are the graves and i'm at 99%!

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For the 100% completation you need:

  • Complete All Story Missions
  • 10 Stranger Missions Strands
  • 5 Bounties
  • 25 Chance Encounters
  • 1 Bushwhacked
  • 6 Gang Hideouts
  • 1 Points of Interest
  • 9 Graves
  • 144 Cigarette Cards
  • 30 Dinosaur Bones
  • 13 Legendary Fish
  • All Exotics Tasks for Algernon Wasp
  • 10 Rock Carvings
  • All Hunting Requests from Train Stations
  • 1 Treasure Hunter Chain
  • 20 Dreamcatchers
  • 50 Animals Discovered
  • 10 Pieces of Equipment Obtained
  • 10 Species of Fish Caught
  • 6 Gangs Discovered (Automatic from Story)
  • 10 Breeds of Horses Discovered
  • 20 Types of Plants Collected
  • 48 Different Types of Weapons Used
  • Reach Maximum Health, Stamina and Dead Eye
  • Reach Horse Bonding Level 4
  • 9 Challenges Completed
  • 5 Shacks Found
  • 5 Legendary Animals Killed
  • 4 Table Games Played
  • 5 Ranters, Ravers, and Campaigners interacted with
  • 1 Bath Taken (at Hotel)
  • 1 Show watched
  • 1 Theater visited
  • 6 Recipes crafted: Craft 1 cooking recipe, 1 tonic, 1 type of ammunition, 1 hunting item, 1 horse care item, and 1 weapon
  • 4 Robberies: Coach Robbery, Home Robbery, Shop Robbery, Train Robbery

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confirmed that.


meanwhile, uncle still hasnt made the request to me. i guess i have to start a new game just for the errands trophy, after finishing 70 medals, wanted in all states and the animal trophies. sigh.


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