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TL : DR - I got it... in a "different" (?) way:


So since like 2 weeks I was trying to get my last trophy for "The Swords of Ditto" - "Toy Master". 


After all the research I have done over the Internet, since patch 1.05 (currently 1.17) Super Suit (Legendary Toy) has to be obtained as a LAST ONE, then offered at the altar and reobtained (from altar or shop) or getting any other legendary toy shall trigger the trophy.


Not for me...


So, since I was not aware about this bug when I started to play this game, as my second character (after completing story once) I chose a MOUSE with SUIT as a main toy = available from the start. And that was my mistake I think: I reached Era 10 even once with all 10 LEGENDARY toys in my bag - no trophy.


And here the funny part starts. I was at 90% completion with everything except for "Toy Master"...


I erased my saves and started from the scratch (downgrading to 1.00 doesn't work :/).

So Legendary toys are (according to the Internet):


The Laser
The Vinyl Record
The Drone
The Golf Club
The Conker
The Yo-yo
The Bow
The Bowling Ball
The Foot
The Henshin Super Suit


During my 5th run I started with character who has the BOW from the start. In the shop I could buy "Bowling Ball", "Super Suit" and... "Watch"... Which is essential for this story IMHO. Within this run I got "Frisbee" and "Golf" from "Toy Dungeons" and "Yo-Yo" and "Laser Ring" from NPC Dungeons.


So according the list above I got 6 Legendary Toys so far in this run (didn't buy the suit).


Not sure if it is worth to mention, but I got a 7******* star Metaxa from my Brother and decided to use it. And I figured out that...


Since "The Watch" and "The Bowling Ball" are available in the shop, I can buy them again after offering them at the altar. So I used both once - Got "Foot" and "Rock Ring" (not listed as a LEGENDARY).


I went back to town and bought "The Watch" and "Bowling Bowl" again and offered them. Got "Vampire Ring" and "Shield".

Teleported to town again to buy "Bowling Ball" and "Watch" again, returned to altar, offered "Watch" got "Axe" and...


TROPHY! As you can see on attached picture!!




And platinum just 0 seconds after.



So the final thoughts:

In my case - Legendary items WERE NOT limited to the 10 listed - offering Legendary Toy from the list above/WATCH can bring you a few more toys which counts as LEGENDARY (IMHO)!!!

Which are - not sure if the list is complete/names are accurate:


BOOK of the DEAD


Those below I remember from my earlier runs:





So my point is - offer ONLY the items available in the shop, get new items, go back to town, buy them again - rinse and repeat until the trophy. 



If on your world map you will find "LocoRoco" Cave, get into it, reach the last room with treasure chest (simply bring all 4, 5 or 6 yellow bastards to the doors) and you will get a guarantee Rare sticker which allows you to roll constantly - you can sell it for... I think there is some error since I got 4919 coins for selling it :D. Can be repeated in the following runs if you will be luck enough to get it, Anyway, Watch is only 100 coins and it seems that's the only thing you actually need to spawn remaining Legendary Toys at the altar.


Here is my BAG right after the plat:




Anyway... I fell so... RELEASED FROM THIS GAME!

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Sacrificing kick me signs also gives you a toy (along with two other items), but I don't know if that's actually cheaper - we just had a ton of them anyway.


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I just got this trophy in my second cycle very easily using the kick me sign offerings at the stone circle.  They cost me 100 gold for 5 kick me signs and you can offer 1 sign and get 1 legendary toy chest + 2 other random chests.  Super efficient and probably a bit overpowered as I find it far more efficient to do this than ever bothering to do toy dungeons now.  I bought like 20 of them and just spammed them one after another over the course of 2 nights and got all the toys for the trophy.  It is also a really great way to level and get more chests in a hurry since its super simple to burn through the enemies very fast with the super conker.

I don't think this trophy is actually glitched though in the current patch.  I think it requires the new legendary toys they added via patch updates to the game.  It popped after I got all the base ones mentioned in the trophy guide and the new ones that were added.  The guide probably just needs to be updated.

It doesn't help that most of the information on the internet regarding this game is also out of date and incomplete now.  The various wikis and such don't mention these new toys of legend.

I think the new ones according to my inventory are:

Book of the Dead
Running Shoes
Rock Ring
Vampire Ring
Auto Popper

Maybe this will help people confused on this trophy.


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thank that was of great help !

actually this was the best tips i got for this game, if i had know it before it would have cut my time for the plats by half probably

this should be put somewhere in the guide 

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Posted (edited)

First of all @Smashero thanks for this post! Thanks to your post I was finally able to get the trophy. This post is pretty old and I can confirm to 99,99% that the trophy isn't bugged anymore. I used your method and sacrificed a lot of stuff at the stones. You always get one toy as a reward along with two other rewards ( like consumables or stickers ). Once I had all toys in my inventory ( and i mean ALL toys. Smashero was totally right, you need all of them, not only the few which were pointed out in the roadmap. The baseball, the book of the dead, the ring.... all toys the game has to offer ) the trophy popped immediately. 

I took some research afterwards and found an interesting note in the recent patchnote: " Fixes to the toy master trophy unlocking to take badge toys into account. Trophy will unlock when the game detects the player has all items in their bag in game load,"


So this means, that the game was indeed bugged before, but they changed the way the trophy unlocks from my understanding. And i can 100% confirm that i got the trophy with this method.


So my advice: Sacrifice a shitton of useless consumables ( don't sacrifice toys, you can get them back but it wastes time ) to get all the toys and you get the trophy.  No need to farm them via toy trial dungeons and even if you do the trials you won't get all toys you need since some ( like the basketball or the gun ) can only be achieved via sacrifice. 


Additional note in terms of time estimation, difficulty and the psnp roadmap:


All in all I can say the game is awesome, i lost a lot of time because I wasn't able to unlock this toy trophy, but with this method you should be able to get the plat in around 15 hours. Also the game isn't harder than a 2 or 3 / 10 imo, especially when you play on easy and in coop. I played it with my girlfriend and we only died once. 


The roadmap needs some polish from the 2022 perspective imo. The writer is inactive from the look of it's profile so i don't think it makes sense to tag him here, but the roadmap is really misleading in many points.


Cheers, Davy!

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I just grinded the offering alter and eventually got all the toys and trophy popped. 


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