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Greetings trophy hun...err Exiles, thought I would give you a quick breakdown of the changes to the Cartographers trophies in 3.9. First things first the descriptions on PSN are now incorrect. GGG is aware of this issue but according to one of their community mangers on the official PoE forums "it is a complicated process to get these changed and we are focusing on other things at the moment". Considering how rough the game has ran since 3.9 launched this seems wise to me, but it may leave many of you wondering how to get them now. It used to be that you had to do all of the white/yellow/red maps in order to unlock them. Now you have to have all watch towers socketed with 1/2/3 watch stones, which will require 24 watch stones total. There are currently 32 in the game, plus a special secret one that you don't need to worry about. You get watch stones from elder slayers, and you find elder slayers by running maps.




Watch towers can now be found in each of the 8 regions on the atlas. In order to find them you need to run maps in these regions. After a time you will get a bonus portal after you kill the maps boss. This will unlock the watch tower. This is pretty quick, usually only needing 2 or 3 maps. Zana will direct you to the first 4 and will also give you your first 4 watch stones. After that you will be on your own. Spend your time and get all of the towers unlocked. This should only take an hour or so depending on your map pool. Once you have all of the towers unlocked you will want to start finding the stones. To do this you will need to find all of the elder slayers and kill them again. Each one will drop a stone.




Elderslayers are the new end game bosses. They function much like the shaper/elder guardians. If you press L3 while in the atlas it will open up a little side tray. This is where you can store your stones when they are not in towers. Each section of 4 is linked to a named section on the map. They will show you which colors you are missing from each region, and the level the region needs to be to spawn elder slayers. Level 0 requires no stones to be socketed in the tower, level 1 requires one and so on. You will quickly need level 4 to spawn your elder slayers. As you socket more stones into a tower the level of the area will increase. Maps that were once white and level 1-5 will become yellow and be 6-9 or red and be 10-16. Level 4 elder slayers will require you to run t14-16 maps. You will not be able to spawn them on low level maps, so if you socket a tower and the map Beach becomes level 14 then you will need to find a level 14 beach. Using a lower level beach will not work. The first 16 stones are more or less given to you, the elder slayers will spawn in 3 or 4 maps and will always show up. Once you hit 16 you will unlock the fifth elder slayer and be required to fight him. Win or loose the other 4 elder slayers will vanish and you will need to hunt them down again. They will all be level 4 now and will take on average of 20-30 maps to find. This will take a while. Elder slayers spawn in 3 stages, first they will spawn influence on the map. You will know you have influence because that region will turn red/gold/green/blue, denoting which elder slayer will spawn. The game will try to give you elder slayers that match an unclaimed stone, but if you have all the stones, or you only can only spawn elders of a stone you already have then you can spawn an elder slayer with no stone. Don't do this as it will waste hours of your time. You can only have 4 elders up at once, and after each is beaten you will have to fight the 5th one again. Even if you kill them all they wont spawn again till you fight the fifth. After you get influence then you need to keep running maps in that region. At some point the elder slayer will show up, talk some smack, and vanish. You need to do this twice, then talk to Kirac in your hideout. He will send you to Zana who can now open a portal to them. You will run a white map in the region of the elder slayer and once you kill the boss you will get a new portal to the elder slayer. 


Fighting the Elderslayers


This section is highly subjective as it will depend on your build and gear. Level 0/1/2 elder slayers are not that bad, any average build can do them. 3 gets rough and they seem to be on par with the old shaper guardians. 4 will kick your ass unless you are above average in gear. You may need to seek help in killing them. You can have someone else kill them for you just make sure you are in the boss room. You can be dead, just be in the room. The other person cant steal your stone, but they can take your items. Some of the new armor and items can sell for several Exalted and the new awakened support gems can be upwards of 6 to 15 exalted. This of course can all change. Im not going to go into detail about the fight mechanics, they are pretty simple and you can watch a few min vid if you really want to see them in action. The fifth elder slayer is now the new uber boss of the game. You don't need to beat him, you will likely die before you even get near him, and that's fine. Just suicide to him and you can go back to your other elder slayers. 



Maps and You


Maps will quickly become the biggest hurdle in making progress here. While low level elder slayers come quick you will burn a couple hundred maps looking for the level 4 ones. Maps drop in certain ways and I am not 100 percent on all of this. The basics is that maps now drop from the region instead of the connecting map, allowing you to spread your pool. White mobs will drops maps of the same level as the map you are in. Blue/yellow mobs will drop them at +1 and bosses will drop them at +2. You can also get maps from other regions if you have that map completed on your atlas. This can make map farming hard, as you will get maps to places you dont want to go. With one tower full you will get most of your maps for the area you are in, as high level maps can only drop for places with high levels. Once you spawn your elder and go to find the second one you will get map drops from both regions, then from three and finally from four. Because of this I recommend you spawn an elder, kill them, then spawn them again in the same region. Cycle through all four, die to the fifth elder, then move to a new region. 




This set of trophies is now a lot harder. I have been grinding this hard since 3.9 came out and it has taken me near 100 hours and a full two weeks to get it done. I used my standard character so I could go right into maps and had a surplus of maps. I had a friend kill the elders so I did not need to worry about that. If you are on your own and starting fresh this will be long and hard, stop laughing, and you should expect to maybe double the time it took me. Feel free to message me with any questions you have. I am not an expert but I will be happy to help if I can. 

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