Be wary of technical issues (low FPS, stuck in loading screen...)

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Some of you might've seen this game pop up and appear to be an easy one to plat. Even if that's true, because this game is getting barely any coverage, no one is mentioning the array of technical problems it comes with. As those who played it can tell you, the game can reach a very low fps at the end of it due to a large amount of characters and stuff on screen, but it can also happen on it's early stages when not too much is happening, almost as if the PS4 is struggling to keep everything consistent.


But by far the worst problem I've encountered was on the second island of the game. You have to make a ten friend circle and spin around a planted seed to make it grow in order to progress the "story", and the game gives you little room to put characters in the circle. As many combinations as I tried, none of them would spin as if something was wrong. Tired of trying I turned the game off after saving and decided to do it another time.


Now it's been a couple of days of failed attempts of getting back into the game. The game displays the Annapurna logo, then another logo and then the little mayor on the downleft corner as a loading screen, and is pretty much locked there. Don't know if it's certain parameters that I had on my game, poor programming, a bug, a glitch or whatever. Leaving the game "loading" for twenty minutes doesn't help, uninstalling at reinstalling doesn't help, deleting data straight from the console and reinstalling also doesn't do it... I'm at a loss. Thankfully a patch is released that fixes these issues and I hope that, at the very least, no one else is struck with my lack of luck. Shame that such a lovely game comes with this ugly sack of issues.

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