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On 31.12.2019 at 4:01 PM, ZankaiPowaa said:

I know this game is old, but I got Ultrawarrior yesterday super easily all of a sudden after a week of struggling.


My tips:


  1. You can play with all ships. As long as you keep using the basic weapon and don't pick up any weapons it doesn't void the trophy. I would recommend the fortress. I got the trophy on my first run with the fortress after a lot of failed attempts with the blaster ship. Fortress has more health and takes less hp damage when you get hit. You can tank through a lot if you pick up 'damage enemies on hit', 'explode enemies on their death' (very useful for late game waves and the carrier boss), shields, some hp, faster weapon/shield reload, and any upgrades to your weapon & special ability. Rocket circus becomes pretty OP when upgraded.
  2. Using a seed doesn't void the trophy either. Seed 206 is a good one for the build I mentioned above.
  3. Avoid fighting optional bosses, picking up a reward from them makes the game harder! (I didn't notice this for the longest time, kept beating the garbage collector after stage 2 for the free upgrade, and wondering why there was such a difficulty spike after that...)


Also, the game ran like shit for me on PS4 pro, especially when there was a lot happening on screen (using the fire blaster + rocket circus). However, the lag actually worked to my advantage. I got to do most of the final boss in slow motion 1f602.png


Cheers! 1f499.png

Thank you for all your tips.

Also want to ask, my autoturret wont work. I take this upgrade, but turret will not show in the end. Do i need to do something to active it?

Thank you

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