Big Mistake: I sold herbs before finish all side quests

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Hi everyone,

I think I made a huge mistake.


After catching all the plants (unlocking the trophies for it) I decided to sell as many ones as I can to the pharmacy.... not nowing that one of the last side quests requires to give to the pharmacist 2 common plants.


Now I don't have any more the required plants because I sold all of them and I can't collect any more because they don't respawn.... so am I royally screwed?


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Update: after some days spent cycling in the spawn points of the herb in question (Huan Qui "something", too lazy to check the name) I accepted the sad truth. The plants do not respawn.


In the end I finished the game, then I reloaded the save before leaving Bailu and I did again the Niaowu part with the side quests.


So be extra careful when you have to sell something: it's better to wait 'till the very end of the run.

If you need money rely on the book exchanging technique. Better safe than sorry!




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I did the exact same mistake so now i must start the game from the beginning again and do all of the side quests again.

Atlest It was only the fishing side quests that where annoying to do and took a while so most of them can be done fast and easy again.

And i only have the side quests and the capsule toys trophies left so doing the story again should be fast this time.

I hope you keep all your capsule toys when you do new game plus.

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