The Russian 2-in-1 Version Also Works!

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I got this Russian 2-in-1 version from a Russian seller on eBay. It’s the last one they had, so you have to find another seller.


This version also has the Russian / Polish trophy set of Rayman Origins, confirmed.


It is very sad that this trophy set is still physical-exclusive, but at least we have one more choice than the Polish “Essentials” version.


See the Russian flag with “ПОЛНОСТЬЮ НА РУССКОМ ЯЗЫКЕ”? That means “FULLY IN RUSSIAN LANGUAGE”. The general European version does not have Russian / Polish support, but has only French / Italian / English / Spanish / German.


Therefore, as long as you could find a Rayman Origins with Russian or Polish support, you should be fine!

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I decided to take your word for it and buy a copy for myself, and sure enough this version does work. Thanks a bunch! 


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Hey guys, I just bought the Japanese version of this game and now I hate that i don't have all of the lists :-)

Is there a way I can buy a copy of of one of you maybe ?

I'll keep looking around for one but I doubt I will find one.

Thx in advance.


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