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This is a genuinely decent game

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Does anyone know when you can pre-order the PS5 enhanced version from either PSN or Amazon? It has not showed up yet on either and it comes out the end of April


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This game had two AMAZING moments, for a Terminator fan. The 1st time when you start it up, the theme starts playing, the sound of the menus... Honestly, I've listened to the theme looping 5 times before I've started playing. And the last mission, which really makes you feel like you're in a terminator movie. Artistically speaking I mean. Easter eggs and fun little touches are great, like that one scene with Connor looking through the binoculars left and right, which reminds you of that one moment in T2 when you saw John's scarred face, methodically, for a lack of a better word, looking over the battlefield. But the game as a game... Yeah, not that great. Pretty boring actually. Just a basic shooter with an obviously small budget. 

The atmosphere at times though, like in the last mission... I kinda want to see a fully open world survival game set in that reality. With a bigger budget, bigger studio, a voice acting that isn't so incredibly forced, and more than 10 polygons on the dog's chest, you know. Really, look at the dog at the entrance to the base in later parts of the game 😁Anyway, I'm sick of open worlds actually but in this case it fits. Give me Days Gone in this universe and I'm sold. 


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