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Trophy milestone after sync


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Hi there,


I have a problem regarding the trophy milestone.

I have the platinum of God of War as the 2500th trophy which is great for me but I forgot to sync my PS3 (I got 1-5 unsynced trophies there).

Will the milestone change (as I got these 1-5 trophies before the God of War ones) if I sync my PS3 trophies?

Is there a possibility to sync my PS3 trophies without the milestones being changed?


Thanks for your help.

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Yes, it'll change your milestones.


Unfortunately, there's no way to avoid it unless you hide a game with 5 trophies that were earned before #2500 which I'm not sure is possible for you (and you probably don't want to do that anyways). It's probably best just to re-earn the trophies again rather than syncing and losing your milestones.

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