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I recommend ‘Deadly Strike‘ featuring Bruce Li and Chan Sing.  The movie reminds me of one adventure filled, beat em up, video game.  The main characters have their own ‘special abilities’, and there are unique archetype villains/bosses (Snake Boss, Executioner Boss, Little Man/Big Brother Boss, etc).  Plenty of fighting and a decent story line.  I believe you’ll enjoy yourself!  ?

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50 minutes ago, AFRising said:

Seconding Shaolin Soccer and adding Kung Fu Hustle though both are more about comedy than proper martial arts. They're really over the top, but hilarious.

He's got Gymkata and Surf Ninjas on his list...i think Stephen Chow movies will be ok ?


Also how can you have JCVD (great film by the way) and not have Street Fighter the Movie?

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DAMN, every time I think of something it's already on the list. I'm a huge martial arts fan so for you to have such a filled list color me impressed. I went through MJW, Scott Adkins, Anything Panna Rittikrai has ever touched, AND YOU STILL HAVE SEEN IT -_- .....


So, I'm going to do something unexpected I'm going to give you a psychological thriller with some elements of martial arts mixed in:


I Saw the Devil



and another: Oldboy


This one wasn't amazing but it had some good moments and it has Marko Zaror from Undisputed 3: Redeemer



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Dont think its in your list but

Sha Po Long (aka Kill Zone 1 and 2 is missing)
Wu Jing fights pretty sweet.


Also 14 Blades.


Short film, haha.


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I came to this thread with loads of suggestions, then realised all of them were already in the extensive list. In other news, I watched Ong Bak for the first time last night and holy crap, that film was awesome. Ready for 2 and 3 now. Also, I had no idea there even was an Ong Bak 2 or 3 until I looked through this list. I feel like you've helped me more than i've helped you here @ILUV2POOPYAY.

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35 minutes ago, ILUV2POOPYAY said:

AFRising: I have seen Kung Fu Hustle around 2005 for the first time. Then, 2012 to give it a second chance to see if my taste for that movie has changed. Kung Fu Hustle is really "over the top" to my liking. A funny film, but something I do not want to keep forever.


I understand. Still, make sure you check out Shaolin Soccer. I'm sure you won't regret it.


A few more suggestions: I haven't seen either, but The Grandmaster (2013) and The Assassin (2015) were critically acclaimed a few years ago. The latter specifically is held as one of the finest wuxia movies of the decade, but it does seem to have more of a poetic/philosophical thing going on in addition to pure straight up martial arts. Check out the trailer below:



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Quite an impressive list, I dare say!


On a first glance I don't see the following (unless it's got an alternate title I'm not aware of in the US, like Drunken Master 2 that I thought you didn't have before figuring it was called Legend of Drunken Master in NA) :


The Blade (刀, Tsui Hark, HK, 1995), a new take on Chang Cheh's classic One-armed Swordsman. It a sometimes very brutal film with a strong auteur cinema tinge. Very interesting sound work, and some very impressive choreography.


I know you said no oldies, but still, as I don't see many japanese films in your list: if chambara can be your thing, maybe the works of Misumi Kenji, namely series he started like Baby Cart/Lone Wolf and Cub or Zatoichi could interest you, and there his also the 2003 version of Zatoichi by (and with) Kitano Takeshi. And some Kurosawa Akira classics, of course, one of my fave in this genre being Yojimbo, kind of an homage to Dashiell Hammett's book Red Harvest and to the western genre as a whole, but still much more focused on martial arts than his other samurai films. You don't see a lot of fights and they are very short, but it's kind of the whole point of the story.


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4 hours ago, ILUV2POOPYAY said:

Asmund89: I own at least 30 Thrillers and Horror movies, really anal on the ones I buy. Will get "I Saw the Devil" because I like the two main Korean actors, Lee Byung-hun and Choi Min-sik. Yes, I own Oldboy, a classic to own for your collection. I have seen Redeemer on Netflix with that actor. For some reason, I do not like Marko Zaror after seeing Kiltro, first movie I have watched of this guy. Thanks for the Youtube trailer links.


You're gonna love it man. The notion that someone sat down and thought up what would happen if a vicious serial killer went head to head against a special ops secret service agent, those crazy Koreans, gotta love em.

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Hmm it's quite hard to fill holes for this packed list.


Jet Li's The One. One of my favorite movies back then. Since you list Blade 1,2,3 so it shouldnt too CGI fantasy for your liking. Jet Li vs his evil twin in futuristic world.


For Jackie Chan, the first Drunken Master is a must-see. If it's too old I'd suggest Armour of God 1, 2. Jackie Chan + Indiana Jones with a pinch of James Bond. The recent third one's crappy though (called Chinese Zodiac something).


Police Story 3 is really fun too. Cant remember have I watched the 4th though the 5th is when Jackie started to shift into his doom & gloom (Shinjuku Incident) or still action-comedy with more intense drama (Rob B Hood, Rush Hour 3) style.

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OK, I'm going through a little book called "101 Action Movies You Must See Before You Die" & I've found 3 movies that you might like:

Five Fingers Of Death (1972)


Download video
Download video
Download video
Download video
Download video




Drunken Master (1978)


Download video
Download video
Download video



The Heroic Trio (1993)


Download video
Download video
Download video



Not in the book, but I heard it's a good movie:

Snake In Eagle's Shadow (1978)


Download video
Download video
Download video



This one is no brainer. If you haven't watched it, what are you waiting for?!

Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist (2014)


Download video


I would also like to add these movies. They are not martial arts movies, but you should watch them non the less (if you haven't already):

A Better Tomorrow (1986)

A Better Tomorrow II (1987)

The Killer (1989)

Bullet In The Head (1990)

Hard Boiled (1992)

Face/Off (1997)

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Once I noticed the title, I first thought to recommend a stack of films from your shared collection. I'm glad you've taken the time to catalog it here, so we can try to be more insightful. I have tons to say but firstly, you seem to be missing out (at least to my eyes) on some of what South Korean cinema has given the world. There's a handful of those I want to recommend straight away. Starting with...

The Man From Nowhere (2010)

The Man from Nowhere Poster

Grounded film with excellent gun-play. Familiar premise but the actors are believable and engaging.

A full story with satisfying action. Not a popcorn flick. Don't watch more than 55 seconds of the trailer.

No Tears for the Dead (2014)

No Tears for the Dead Poster

Grounded. Provocative. Same writer/director as the previous film. Another engaging lead. This movie has a larger conflict. There's incredible gun battles. I mean absolutely jaw dropping extended sequences.

The Chaser (2008)

The Chaser Poster

Grounded thriller. I'm including this because you listed Crime as a preferred genre. Not martial arts per se, but has utterly convincing choreography. Outstanding cat v. mouse movie. Won a couple 'best film' awards, internationally. 

Public Enemy (2002) & Another Public Enemy (2005)


I've owned these for years but never played. They have a very good reputation though.

I didn't want to close out my South Korean list without including them.

The Warrior (2001)


This is one that's hard to chance across with the generic & common title, but it's not a bland film at all. Isn't really on Amazon, but is readily available on eBay for cheap. 


The only trailer on YT is awful, but IMDB has one that justly represents the film (linked).

That does it for Korean cinema. If you enjoy what I've showcased, I'd invite you to explore further. 

Moving on now...

So Close (2002)


Hyper stylized popcorn flick. U.S. trailer sells this film perfectly. I've gotta say it has a good dub that's not a distraction for me, insofar as the girls go. Worth a mention that every woman I've shown this to has loved it. If anything YOU may do some eye-rolling, but I thought it was smartly balanced, or well worth sitting through the sentimental fluff at minimum. The finale is fire. Everyone says.

Mongol: The Rise of Genghis Khan (2007)


This is a gorgeous, sprawling, and way affecting film with extraordinary battlefield scenes. If you like epics, this is that. Probably burns a little slow in spots for some, but god the payoffs...

IMDB says a sequel's in pre-production? Same director is attached? I didn't even know. Holy. Shit.

Nomad: The Warrior (2005)

Nomad: The Warrior [Blu-ray]

Same director as Mongol. Just like the quote on the box, it's got big battle after big battle. More palatable too; it's just a very stirring and romantic war adventure without the heavy, somber themes. 

Death Trance (2005)

Death Trance [Blu-ray]

A personal favorite of mine. Definitely strange or manga-like. There's lots of impassioned action and a cool aesthetic throughout. Really enjoyed all of the performances (some are nuts!) and the wild score. The dub is also excellent; I love both audio language tracks on this one truthfully. 

Versus (2000)

Versus Poster

If you enjoy Death Trance then you may as well try this. Undeniably cool cartoon choreography, but also slapped together and wholly nonsensical. The DVD double feature is very affordable.

Azumi (2003)

Azumi Poster

Another that you'd want to look at. A decent popcorn flick.


Moving on...

Samurai Fiction (1998)

A Film By Hiroyuki Nakano: Samurai Fiction

I see Red Shadow (2001) is part of your collection. If you enjoy that film, you may want to place this one alongside it. Same director. Same endearing qualities. Funny and full of heart. A crowd pleaser.

True Legend (2010)


Hold up a moment. I've seen a couple posters recommend Bunraku (2010). I had to split that film up into two viewings. Wasn't a bad movie, just dragged a lot for the 2 hrs runtime IMHO. Big fan of Hartnett/Harrelson but I didn't care for the lengthy and repetitive Perlman/Moore scenes. Anyway, I know you already said that wasn't your bag, which now brings me to another sub-genre you cautioned against. Fantasy. Well I don't like straight mysticism in my kung-fu either, because I think it looks lame & makes for stunted action even in the biggest blockbusters, but True Legend is on another level. Something rich to witness. The fights are intense. The story's deeply fulfilling.

If you haven't played this, I hope you will, and long before you ever put Bunraku onto your disc tray.


The remainder of my list may be a stretch, but I'm still going there... 

Kibakichi (2004) & Kibakichi 2 (2004, yes.)

Werewolf Warrior Poster Kibakichi: Bakko-yokaiden 2 Poster

Werewolf samurai movies. With committed performances and bloody action.

Werewolf samurai movies. A pretty good time honestly.

Guyver 2: Dark Hero (1994)


I see a few Mighty Morphin Power Rangers films in your collection, so that's why I'm being this bold.

2 hrs of R-rated early 90's alien power suit action. A MMPR kid's dream, answered (it was my grail). This stars David Hayter, who's known here for voicing Solid Snake, but the original PG-13 attempt from 1991 has Mark Hamil (Luke in Star Wars / famous voice of the Joker). I never saw it but there's no sense in starting with a watered down film that's also cheesier by all accounts. You can get the director's cut of that on blu-ray, but you can still rent or buy the 2nd in HD digitally on Amazon.

Mechanical Violator Hakaider (1995)

Jinzô ningen Hakaidâ (1995)

Since I brought up The Guyver, just see if the first 12 seconds of this trailer don't completely sell you. The stand alone release is rare now, but there's a still affordable triple feature DVD called The Keita Amemiya Collection (2003).


The Good The Bad The Weird (2008)

Woo-sung Jung, Byung-Hun Lee, and Kang-ho Song in Joheunnom nabbeunnom isanghannom (2008)

You did say you didn't like mash-ups with cowboys, but this is no The Warrior's Way (2010).

This is like a whole believable world customized from the dirt up. It's actually astonishing.

Super entertainment that left me smiling for days. Cast is unreal.

Shaolin Soccer (2001)


I'll sign off by echoing the praises of this film, even though you've already committed here to eventually buying a copy. I've personally never laughed harder at any movie.

You don't have to fucking like soccer. That's a common trepidation. It's not soccer, it's bananas.

Worth going into completely blind.












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Man i came into this thread expecting a few decent examples. This literally has pretty much everything i could ever need/want when looking for martial arts films. 


This post is just a thank you for your time and i will use this thread as a glorious resource. 


Thanks ?

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I would recommend Hwang Jang-Lee films. The dude makes kicking an art form.

With John Liu in Instant Kung Fu Man:


Dance of the Drunk Mantis with Yuen Siu Tien



Yuen Siu-tien is the other martial artist that I tended to gravitate to.


Sleeping Fist:



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