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Hey, everyone. I've been looking forward to this game for a little while now and pre-ordered the limited edition from CDJapan. (As a side-note, normally I go with Play-Asia, but it kept saying 'coming soon', so I thought I missed the pre-order window, turns out as of today they updated the page to say they expect the stock to come in on the 15th, the game comes out on the 16th... but that's irrelevant). I don't speak or read Japanese at any capacity, so I ran all the trophy descriptions through Google Translate. I know it's not 100% accurate, but it's accurate enough to figure out what you'll need to do.


Overall, the trophy list seems pretty easy. I'm surprised you don't have to collect all articles of clothing or anything like that. The only trophies that seem like they could pose any challenge could be the 8 SSS ranks and beating all the ghosts in Time Attack, but, if I'm being honest, I don't expect that to be very hard. There's also beating 128 missions, and that could take some time, but seems doable. 


And with that, here's the list:




Kandagawa Jet Girls - Trophy List (English translation through Google)

(P) Beyond the border, faster than anyone
Obtained all trophies.


(B) I make the jet racing club!
Cleared the first episode of Asakusa Women's High School.


(S) Toward the next goal
Completed Asakusa Girls High School.


(S) Our jet racing department is still to come
Completed Musashino Jogakukan.


(B) Idol racer for 2 people!
Completed CS Production School.


(B) A day to conquer the river in Japan ♪
Completed California Coast High School Edition.


(B) Jet racing is so cool!
Completed Takadanobaba Jogakuin Edition.


(B) From now on, let's walk on two tripods
Completed Hijiribashi University High School.


(G) All you need to know is victory
Completed Kagurazaka Technical High School.


(G) To where the light shines
Passionate version Kandagawa JET GIRLS-Clearing the Light-has been cleared.


(B) Next is production!
Completed all tutorials.


(S) Mission collector
Completed 64 missions in Story Mode.


(G) Mission professional
Completed 128 missions in Story Mode.


(S) Ace jet racer
Acquired 8 SSS ranks in story mode.


(B) Shopping is fun too ♪
I bought a costume at the shop.


(B) It's a makeover ♪
Purchased a hairstyle at the shop.


(B) I want to decorate with various accessories ♪
I purchased accessories at the shop.


(B) Let's customize!
Purchased machine parts at the shop.


(B) Jet machine is makeup too ♪
I bought a wrapping at the shop.


(B) Where should I put it?
I bought a decal at the shop.


(B) Let's glitter!
I bought an effect at the shop.


(B) Important companion
B-ranked or higher in extracurricular activity "Jet Machine Cleaning".


(B) For the people of the city
B-ranked or higher in extracurricular activities "mops".


(B) Running is basic
B-ranked or higher in extracurricular activities "Running Machine".


(B) Secret Special Training
Acquired B rank or higher in extracurricular activities "Aerial".


(G) I got the tips of extracurricular activities!
81,000pts earned in one extracurricular activity.


(B) Looks are important too ♪
Customized characters in the changing room.


(B) Machine coordinator
Customized jet machines in the garage.


(B) Maintenance is the key to victory
Equipped with machine parts for jet machine.


(S) Change the world with speed
The jet machine is equipped with all of the "High Output Battery Lv.1 to Lv.5".


(S) A true start dash
All "acceleration filters Lv.1 to Lv.5" were equipped on the jet machine.


(S) Divine handling
All "handling hydraulic cylinders Lv.1 to Lv.5" were equipped on the jet machine.


(B) The fastest in Akiba!
Ghost of "Akihabara Densuigai" updated in Time Attack.


(B) The fastest in Ochanomizu!
Ghost of "Ochanomizu Holy Bridge Circuit" updated in Time Attack.


(B) Fastest in Asakusa!
Ghost of "Kanda River Lower Area Asakusabashi" updated in Time Attack.


(B) The fastest in Neo Nihonbashi!
Updated "Neo-Nihonbashi" ghost in Time Attack.


(B) The fastest in Kichijoji!
Ghost of "Kichijoji @ Inokashira Itokijima Park" was updated in Time Attack.


(B) Fastest in Ichigaya!
Ghost of "Ichigaya Watergate" updated in Time Attack.


(B) Fastest in Tokyo Resort City!
Ghost of "Tokyo Resort City" updated in Time Attack.


(B) The fastest in the Kandagawa underground waterway!
Ghost of "Kandagawa Underground Floodway" updated in Time Attack.


(B) Trick action, let's go!
I decided 10 trick actions in the race.


(S) Deathblow! I can go!
Performed 50 Special Moves in the race.


(B) Fully open! Drift boost! !
Activated Drift Boost at maximum in the race.




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I'm really looking forward to this but will wait for a localized release and just pray it doesn't get censored.

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Got the platinum! If any English-only speakers like myself decide to import the game and need some help, I'd be happy to assist. 


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