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Platinum in only 2 playthroughs ?


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Hi, I've just started the game and heard about the infamous "power node duplication glitch" in chapter 1, which basically grants an infinite amount of power nodes at the very start of the game. Looks like it was never patched.


Considering this, do you think it would be possible and practical to


1) make a first playthrough on zealot difficulty, use the glitch and get all the trophies that you're supposed to get on NG+ (upgrading 4 weapons, buying the expensive suit...).

2) make a second playthrough on hardcore


I'm aware that zealot might be more difficult without the gear of NG+, but that would be a good training for hardcore. Anyway, if you see any flaw in my plan please let me know.

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I did the glitch myself, but did three playthroughs (one Normal, one New Game Plus, one Zealot) in preparation for Hard Core.


If you never got exposed to Dead Space 2 before and this is a new fresh playthrough, be prepared to die a lot. Also wear headphones or turn up the volume for those Cysts. They are stationary and throw explosive organic pods. They can really catch you offguard.


You may want to practice some sections prior to Hard Core. The eye poke section. The section where you're freefalling just after you aligned the Satellites in Chapter 6, you can easily die to debris if you're not careful. The whole of Chapter 12.


Cut off the Exploder arms with the Plasma Cutter. Those explosive organic compounds will one shot you to death on Hard Core difficulty.


You can watch this YouTube video for some entertainment...



Good luck. Hard Core is NOT easy, but with practice and a little trial and error it is easily doable.


I recommend making saves at the start of Chapter 5, somewhere in Chapter 9 - 10 and finally Chapter 13. This may not work for you, but you definitely want to even out your saves to avoid too much backtracking.


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I think you may find it takes even longer with this method if you haven't played the game before. Hardcore is really damn hard, and if you aren't used to the layouts of the maps already, you're going to face a LOT of frustration trying to power through it all. Imo, Zealot's even worse. Playing on Normal or something will just make everything easier and more fun in the long run, I think.

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