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Question on "Epic Dismemberment" trophy


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On 31/1/2020 at 7:52 AM, Helyx said:


All limbs on all bodies.

I know my reply to this is quite late, but I just want to clarify this one for people that are still going for this trophy now and in the future. Only the limbs of living or dead necromorphs count, so stomping on human corpses will do absolutely nothing. However any necromorph corpse will count, not just the ones you killed yourself, so whenever you see a dead one somewhere throughout the game, stomp it!


Sometimes you can just let the Infector necromoporhs (the ones that look like stingrays), infect human corpses on purpose so you have more enemies to dismember. Also the easiest way to get this trophy is by just using the Devil's Horn (big foram finger aka. the pew pew pew or bang bang bang) in a new game + run after you beat hard core, as you dismember everything within 1 second instead of stomping it for like 5-10 seconds. 

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