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16 hours ago, villdoc said:

I’m in please add me 



1- A Plague Tale: Innocence -   0%

2- Resident Evil 2                  - 94%

3- Detroit Become Human    - 84%

4- Marvels Spider-Man         - 54%

5- Burly men at Sea              - 36%

6- Laura Croft Go                  - 34%

7- Infamous Second Son      - 82%

8- Wolfenstein Old Blood      - 72%

9- Back to the Future            - 35%

10- Saints Row Gat out of hell-07%

11- The Order 1886               - 80%

12- Hitman Go                       - 53%

13- The Sims 4.                     - 43%

14- Vampyr.                            - 08%


ill add more as I finish

The max you can do is 30% with one game and 25% for the rest. So won’t add you until you alter your list.

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On 3/14/2020 at 3:55 AM, Liioni said:

I wasn't sure I would be able to join in on this because of RL-stuff, but they cleared out a bit so I'm doing a sort of late sign-up! Hope it's ok! I want to make it a tiny bit easier for me to keep track and update, so I made a Google sheet I plan to keep updated! :D 


Game Start % Current % Start Trophies Current Trophies
Borderlands 3 20 20 16/52 16/52
Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 3 3 2/40 2/40
Degrees of Separation 0 0 0/10 0/10
Torchlight 2 6 6 4/44 4/44
Knights of Pen and Paper +1 8 8 6/42 6/42



I plan on starting with Borderlands 3 because it's the one I'm furthest in so far, and it's also left from the last challenge. So would feel great to check that one from the list!



@MidnightDragon tiny poke from me too, sorry for not making it obvious it's a sign up post :)

I’m real sorry I’ve been neglecting this. Added.


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1 hour ago, villdoc said:

sorry bout that long week . updated below 

1- A Plague Tale: Innocence    - 0%

2- Tacoma.                               - 0%

3- Saints Row Gat out of hell. - 07%

4- Vampyr.                               - 08%

5- Sniper Elite V2 Remastered  - 24%

6- Knack                                     - 24%

7- Wolfenstein 2 New Colossus - 10%

8- Day of the Tentacle Remaster - 7%

9- Grim Fandango remaster         - 6%

10- FE                                           - 0%

11- Sea of solitude                        - 0 %

12- Infamous 1st Light                  - 01%

13- Monster Energy Super cross   - 05%

14- South Park The Stick of Truth - 01%

15- Broken Age                              - 01%

16- Far Cry 3 Remaster                   - 07%


Nobody has been themselves lately or not many.  Just that fact you went out of your way to do this speak volumes. I’m sure no one can complain. I certainly appreciate it. So thanks for your time.  1f44d-1f3fb.png

Thanks. And added.


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2 hours ago, Xenoblast91 said:

UPDATE 3.0: Alright! The month is almost over, and I was playing Driveclub only, because many races are really tough or simply I think I've burnt out from retrying a lot every track and the frustration keeps me movin', LOL. However, I did a huge progress in the last week. Previously, I had done only around 10% per week, and now did a lot more. Also, my list is going to change: firstly, there's an scarcity of Doom Eternal in physical (which is always cheaper and better for any updates issues), which has made me to change it for another game, which is actually pretty much "the same", but leave that one for later. So, The following are the changes done in this week, and hopefully to going forward for other games, specially FFXV by time the Remake comes out. Driveclub incresed 15%, and by tonight may be, hope and luckly another 2% more can be done. 

  1. Driveclub - 38%27a1.png53%; Completition date: May 31st
  2. Doom Eternal (Unreleased) - 0%; Completition date: May 27th
    1. Wolfenstein: Youngblood - 0%; Completition date: April 30th. 

A cousin wants to join me in Wolfenstein, also, as I mentioned has an "equivalent" to DE because: Both are Bethesda's games, FPS, easy platinums and are grindy. Obviously, DE is superior at every aspect, and I prefer that saga, but meh, this game can help me to wait the DE's physical shortage solution (the digital version is expensive atm to me). 


Please, @MidnightDragon, add me to the list of player who hop into the challenge. :) Happy hunting everybody!

I thought I did...must not have saved it. Added you now. Mind linking me your list so I can add it?


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