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Beware of spoilers for the Secret Episode below in case you haven't made it that far into the DLC yet,


This isn't REALLY a cheese method, however, this makes the Secret Episode Boss a lot easier. I personally struggled a lot with the fight so I ended up looking around for a method of beating him or atleast a video showcasing his openings & how to capitalize on them, didn't really work out. I found this video showing a method that this one YouTuber by the name of KH_Obsessed_ used to defeat the boss & it worked first try for me so hopefully it'll help you everyone else out as well. Also below the video I'll list the set up that I used to beat the boss, not necessarily exactly what the video used.


"Cheese" Method






So basically what you want to do is first, buy a kupo coin in case you die so you get a second chance then fill your item slots with all Hi-Ether's so you can refill your MP bar easily since a lot of damage/healing will come from summon's. You'll want to customize your quick menu to have the Hi-Ether's as well as the 'Sea Spectacle' Summon AKA Ariel's summon. When you use a summon it will fully heal you as well as be able to get quite a bit of damage out. Note however that the boss has attacks that lower your MAX HP instead of your HP itself meaning that if you use the summon when you only have half of your health bar left, it'll reset your health bar back to it's original max HP, but only heal up to what it was before using the summon so be careful when getting hit. Using a form change like Rage Mode or any Keyblade form, will also reset your MAX HP back to normal. When using the summon you'll want to spam splash & dive whenever you can, aiming for an excellent dive to get more height for more splashes so you can do the most damage. Sadly, the summon doesn't always hit the boss as he'll be teleporting around and sometime's not even on the field at all so try not to waste the summons.


As for his openings, I still don't really know any of them so I just ended up wailing on him & blocking attacks until I ended up stunning him. The only opening I know for a fact is if you break is armor during his Health Stealing phase, you can wail on him for a little bit.


I'm sorry if the above explanation is a bit of a word salad & confusing to follow along with, if it is then I'll edit it at a later point to make it a bit more digestible & easier to follow. I really hope this method helps you guys since it helped me finally beat him after a few hours of struggling to even get him to half health. Happy hunting! 


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