Fluent in R'lyehian trophy tip. Some spoilers.

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I picked the tip up off of True Achievements but wanted to post some info here.


There are 9x you need to choose the R'lyehian dialog option.  It's a bunch of letters and should be obvious.  


The trophy wasn't popping for me despite choosing all the options on multiple playthroughs.


Choose to submit to Leviathan and accept the knowledge.  Make sure to accept all 3 options during the dream sequence (medicine, eating, and shooting the doctor).  Make sure to choose the ending where you perform the ritual.  The trophy finally popped after the final ending cut scene.


Basically just do whatever Leviathan and the cult wants you to do.

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Sure wish id have been vigilant enough to see this post before I finished my playthrough...

alas now I must play another one for this spotty ass trophy...


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