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1000 fish?!? ....


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OK so I have caught 10 fish, and I feel very bored already. Took me about 10 minutes or more to get 10 in the very first lake I found.


So I have two questions, main one is, is there a quick way to get 1000 fish?


But more importantly, it seems like you can only get 20-30 fish per day before the next day arrives, now on Shenmue I and II if too many days pass then it is instant gameover and without warning, Lan Di just appears at your house and kills you in a cut scene. Does that happen in Shenmue III? Because months of ingame time are going to pass just trying to get 1000 fish.


I checked a guide I found on Shenmue III and nothing was mentioned, so I am guessing this isn't an insta gameover this time, does your fishing number carry over into new game+ or does it reset?



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There isn't a particularly quick way, but you should be fishing in the secret pond near Hermit's Nest to get the most out of each session (it's the smallest area, means less time reeling in, therefore more fish caught before the session ends). You unlock it through one of the subquests.


There is an instant game over, but like the other games you get a warning a month before, and there's still plenty of time to do everything. I wouldn't say it takes 'months' if using the secret pond and doing 2 sessions per day.


Fishing does carry over to NG+.

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This is one of the worst trophies I've ever grinded for.

I've been fishing now for 4 days straight (with some time off, so I don't go crazy), and I am at 730 fishes right now.

I can catch roughly 30 fishes per session, thats 60 fishes per in-game day. It takes forever. And I thought the capsule toys were bad.

Its boring and mindless. I am not even sure why I am doing this... 


So if anybody is thinking of getting platinum in this game, make sure you now what you have to do.

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The game is generally awful all around, not just the stupid trophies.

However one decent thing is that it helps later on when you need to buy scrolls, much less grinding. (Yes, you still need more money though EVEN after the sale value of 1000 fishes....)

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I suggest putting the joypad on your knee and just spinning the analogue stick with your middle finger and forefinger, that is what I did.

Still, I feel bad for the wear and tear on the analogue stick. For 1000 fish, even in the smallest pool you are probably spinning it about 30 or 40 times per fish, a total of 40000 times or more...

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