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Chapter XV: Chains of Hate (Update 3.6.0 Changes and Features)

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Here comes the next chapter, Chains of Hate. It features the next content:

  • New killer: The Deathslinger
  • New survivor: Zarina Kassir
  • New map: Dead Dawg Saloon - Grave of Glenvale

Along this new chapter comes the following major changes and features. You can check the patch notes in the upcoming version 3.6.0, now live in the PTB on Steam. The patch will go live on PS4 on March 10.

Mad House trophy will be fixed! :bronze:

Splinter offerings (that allow to try 4 of the licensed killers) will be removed.


Toolboxes Repair Changes

  • Toolboxes get their charges reduced.
  • Their repair speed will be increased.
  • Double the chance of triggering a skill check while repairing generators with a toolbox.
  • Their add-ons will be adjusted to the changes.


Survivor Item Usage

  • All items won’t be destroyed if all their charges have been used, but they will be disabled for the remaining of the match.
  • All add-ons added to items will be consumed at the end of the match, this is inline with killer’s add-ons that are single use. If you equip Ace In the Hole perk, you’ll keep the add-ons to the item you escape with.



  • Sabotaging hooks will now be much faster, but the progress resets if you stop sabotaging.
  • Skill checks for sabotaging hooks are removed.
  • Hooks can be sabotaged from any angle.
  • Sabotaged hooks respawn much faster.
  • The Trapper’s bear traps can no longer be sabotaged.


Perks Changes


Saboteur (Jake’s perk)

  • See the auras of hooks within the Killer’s carrying range when a Survivor is picked up.
  • Sabotage a hook without the need for a Toolbox, with a cooldown.

Hangman’s Trick (The Pig’s perk)

  • Gain a notification when a hook sabotage starts.
  • While carrying a Survivor, see the auras of any Survivors within a set range of a hook.

Breakdown (Jeff’s perk)

  • Hooks broken with this perk will remain broken for three minutes.


Breakable Walls

Starting the next chapter, the new map will be the first to add preset walls that killers can break, and will be used by all killers. Unlike pallets, survivors can’t interact with walls. All perks that affect the speed of breaking pallets will also apply to walls. Killer powers that break pallets will also break those walls.

This new mechanic has yet to be added to any previous map.

Killer Changes


The Trapper

  • Survivors can no longer sabotage bear traps.
  • Placed bear traps can now be reset without picking them up first. You can also reset them whether you carry a trap or not.

The Plague

  • You now start the match with one corrupted fountain, which can be drank any time to gain Corrupted vomit.

The Doctor

  • The current Madness tier doesn’t regress anymore over time.
  • Each hit of Shock Therapy gives half of a Madness level to survivors.
  • Each hit of Static Blast gives a full level of Madness.
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Interesting changes. Having the ability to keep items that you escape with is nice even if it's totally consumed. Always hated losing my stuff so I'd consume it until I barely had anything left.

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1 hour ago, GoosefacedKillah said:

I wonder if those changes to The Doctor will fix the glitch that causes the Mad House trophy not to unlock.

We can ask ourselves this for every single update, “Will they fix bugged trophies?”. The only way to know is through the patch notes. It’s a minor fix for them, not worthy to highlight. It’ll happen, it’s just a matter of when. Some trophies got fixed after many months.

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The PTB went live and we finally know the following content:

- Killer: The Deathslinger

- Survivor: Zarina Kassir

- Map: Dead Dawg Saloon - Grave of Glenvale.


@GoosefacedKillah That was fast. The PTB listed the Mad House achievement being fixed. It states the following:


Fixed an issue that caused the Mad House achievement to fail to trigger when 4 survivors are brought to Madness tier 3.

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Here the trailer for the next chapter. Trailers look better one update after another!




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