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The trophy guide is a bit outdated at this point so here are some things to keep in mind.

Also, since the Season 7 patch might've introduced some changes, the viability of these tips might be questionable, but they should still work..

Trophy guide description:

"These map objectives are the Gold Fury, Bull Demon King, Fire Giant, and the Siege monster..."

Not sure about the current patch but for the better part of 2019 BDK was and probably still is glitched, so farming him in Joust will not work.


"..Clash and Conquest each have two of these objectives so those are the best maps for this. If your team helps you fight these just keep in mind that you need the final blow for it to count towards the trophy.
Just stick with the Conquest map, we tried the other maps but they're either too small, which means others will more likely interrupt or steal the kill from you or the monster spawns too late into the match.

Late game hunters and assassins can sometimes solo these as they have enough damage output and mobility to fight them. This might come naturally after awhile, but it's best to just try to last hit these any chance you get as you play through the game."

  • I farmed Golden Fury with a friend using hunters (Rama and Cernunnos, perhaps not the best choice), this can be done at 6-7 minutes with the 3rd item being built, as long as both players know how to juggle aggro correctly (click for video guide).
  • A friend used Camazotz in the jungling role using a hybrid attack speed/lifesteal build to sustain the damage, was able to solo a few Golden Furies this way per match, I would recommend this strategy if you know how to properly build a sustaining and damage dealing build as a jungler.


To view your current progress, do not view Accolades, these will not show your progress.

Instead in the Profile menu there's something called Milestones/Progress (can't remember exactly...), look there.

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