Need help reaching Level 30! (SOLVED)

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Hey guys, I'm currently at level 28 and I'm having troubles getting to level 30. I'm at the endgame just before the final mission and I have done all the side quests, sublight faction, weapons of the void, companion quests and most of the tasks but I'm struggling to level up. I think there may be one or two tasks I haven't found yet, but those hardly give any xp anyway. Enemies don't give too much xp when I farm them and I tried wreaking havoc by taking out everyone in settlements but they give less xp then enemies do. I also tried to do the final mission for xp, but I was only able to reach level 29 before the final cutscene played. Is their any exploit or a good way to farm? 


Edit: Nevermind I hit level 30. If you are struggling as I did, I will link a video down below for an easy glitch with respawning enemies that can be used to get xp quickly. I did this until I was 95000xp (out of 300,000) passed level 29 and then I just went and did the final mission again which gave me the rest I needed to hit 30. I also recommend that have the sprint faster and 50%xp from companion kills perks to make this method a bit faster. 


Credit to GAME HARD for the video. 

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