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OK, since a lot of people had trouble getting this skill (including me) & after 2+ hrs. of grinding & trying different patterns I finally got it. I'll write a short walkthrough how I did it. I did it on PS3, but I think it'll work on PS4 too. Mind you, even if you do everything I've written & still don't get it, keep trying & you'll get it... eventually. Here goes:


Step 1: Select mission 19 & any 3 characters (I've selected my avatar + 2 Cells (Perfect Form), 'cos he was my mentor at the time, but I think you can select anyone you want).


Step 2: Go to Kami's Lookout (it's right in front of you) & defeat Piccolo. DO NOT ask Krillin to heal you afterwards.


Step 3: From Kami's Lookout go to Pod Landing & fight Vegeta until he has half of health remaining. SSJ Trunks (Future) will show up. Defeat SSJ Trunks (Future) FIRST & Vegeta will turn into a SSJ Vegeta. Defeat SSJ Vegeta next (if for some reason Vegeat gets defeated before SSJ Trunks (Future), you must retry the mission from the beginning).


Step 4: From Pod Landing go to the Sky & after that go to the Wasteland (it's right in front of you). Defeat SSJ Goku FIRST & SSJ Teen Gohan will go into a rage mode. Defeat enraged SSJ Teen Gohan next (like Vegeta, if SSJ Teen Gohan gets defeated before SSJ Goku, you must do everything from the beginning). SSJ Teen Gohan will return in his possessed form, defeat him to get Ultimate Finish for the mission. "Got Skill" will not appear after you defeat possessed SSJ Teen Gohan. In results, see if you got the skill & if not try again.


WARNING: Sometimes, even if you do everything correctly, SSJ Teen Gohan will not return in his possessed form & you'll get Normal Finish for the mission. You must defeat possessed SSJ Teen Gohan to get the skill at the end of the mission.


Good luck & don't give up!

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stuff like this makes me wanna hurt the video game developers


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