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speed run events help

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How the f am I supossed to win these? I just cant win them most of the time I cnat even come close. their difficulty is rediculus


I am about to give up trying to get the trophys I need them for  because I can try another 50 times I just cant seem to do it.

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yeah but the problem is its not just that one that I  cant do for whatever reason.


and im getting annooyed with a sign as well the map states there should be 4 in that parking garage yet I cnat find the 4th one for whatever reason either


its a 4 floor parking lot

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Needle Point can be difficult or doable depending on how skilled one is at driving/racing games (specifically NFS titles). For me it could've taken me one attempt if it weren't for an error right at the end of the event track.


Extra notes:


I honestly had more trouble with few other events. People on trophy sites say crashing on Needle Point is an automatic fail at gold but if you're as skilled as I was on my second attempt you can recover and meet gold requirements just fine. Also not skipping the intro starts you off with extra MPH/KMPH but I didn't do this in my attempts.


I earned gold with the Hennessey Venom GT Spyder (DLC Most Wanted car from the Ultimate Speed pack). In my opinion this is the easiest car to earn the average speed gold requirements with because...

  • The target is identical (if not less) than the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport's
  • The GT Spyder has better acceleration and a faster top speed
    • The downside is the DLC for this game is expensive. I managed to get this one on sale before I started trophies on this account so otherwise it's not worth the amount of money for 2012/13 content in 2020. Also DLC wasn't released for the Vita version.

As for the collectibles, I suggest if you're struggling with the billboards delete your save file (back up your current one of course!) and try to avoid collecting any DLC billboards as they add to the collectible map making it difficult to look at billboard-heavy areas.


I strongly suggest using this site for the Fairhaven collectibles: http://nfsmw.shinedalgarno.de/

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wel I am playing on the vita so no dlc for me  which is a good thing because I dont buy dlc or digital games I want physical or nothing.


the billboard I finaly found after looking for 3 hours


I am trying it with the bugatti because the other car its even harder it has a lwoer top speed and same requirement.


but I suck at racegames in general  whicht doesnt help either. I think a 3 is being way to nice I would vota a 7 or 8 at least


the best i was able to do once was 138 miles whle I need 155


also I tried the video trick and while you do start faster I cant controll the speed. not only that but my avarage after a crash is way lower then when i skip the video.


if I crash when I skipped it I am still above the avarage most of the time (too bad I will crash more) while after watching the video I am far in the red well under 100 even


edit: im doe I decided to give up asside from the fence trophy I got every trophy for this game I will ever be able to get  since all jacks eaperently also requires multiplayer. and at this time I refuse to make an crapy origin account. 


too bad but i tried the get away as well same problem I just CANT do it

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