Which platform should I play if I'm aiming for platinum?

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Retired Terraria veteran here. I've played this game for hundreds of hours on PC (long before 1.0 release), but when I switched to console version I reached for hardcore world and made myself adamantium gear and weapons set and...that's it. I haven't played for good 4 years or more. I starting to get myself into game again, but reading forums and wiki makes me wounder which version I should play this game if I want to obtain all trophies?


P.S. I know trophy set is shared between 3 platforms, but I see there are differences in versions (like bosses types, enemies and etc). I have PS3 and PS4 version and I can get VITA one. 


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PS4 - best controls and the only version still getting updates. You can play through 1.3 content and beyond but the trophies still only need 1.2 (e.g. Exterminator trophy pops when you kill all bosses up to and including Golem)


I tried Vita before but it just wasn't pleasant at all (also it's zoomed in since the screen is smaller)

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I would recommend the PS3 version, here's why.


Vita: Terrible experience to play on and doesn't run great. Only play this if you have no other choice.


PS4: While the game is arguably better, (I disagree but the majority think it's the best.) The game is MUCH MUCH longer for the platinum and if you have played Terraria before the massive 1.3 update, it is very hard to adjust unless you played daily before. (Ps the requirements are the same as PS3 it's just that it takes longer to get to Golem.


PS3: Definitely the best in my opinion. The game is much shorter to get to Golem and is much more enjoyable with weapon challenge and the platinum will feel much more satisfying.

It is much easier but challenging at the same time.


Conclusion: Get the PS4 or PS3 version. It's your choice. They both are enjoyable and great with friends but can be done solo. Just a bit harder.


For context I have played (on a different account as this is my trophy hunting one.) 500+ hours on PS3, 350 hours on PS4 and 100+ hours on Vita.   


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