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The Jem'Hadar Trick


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There is a trick in Star Trek: Online to obtain the level trophies and the :gold: Specialization trophy without the need of endless grinding, which will take a grand total of 120-150 hours.

  1. Create a Jem'Hadar (Dominion) character, as they always start at Level 60.
  2. Play few missions for this faction, until reaching and completing the Storm Clouds Gather mission, as this is the only way to trigger this trick.
  3. Upon reaching Level 61, you will obtain the following trophies (in order):
    • :bronze: Superior Research*
    • :gold: Specialization
    • :silver: Commander
    • :silver: Captain
    • :silver: Rear Admiral
    • :gold: Admiral**
    • :gold: Fleet Admiral

* - From Agents of Yesterday DLC.

** - There is a chance that this trophy might not unlock. If this trophy does not unlock during the stacking, by chance, play few more missions under the Jem'Hadar character and level up one more.

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